New Post: Printerpix Review – They are absolute rubbish, may include swearing

I’m guessing the title of this post gives away the direction this post is going in. But even so…

Printerpix are a printing company (as the name might suggest) they a range of photo products like books, canvases, key rings etc.  They’re also forever doing Groupon deals and running special offers for 50% off and so on.  You know like DFS on a permanent sale?!

My first experience with them was a while ago when I got a calendar printed for my aunt using a Groupon voucher. The quality was quite poor but since it was an offer, I just accepted it. 

Printer Problems

This year I decided to get some things made, like a tree decoration, a little canvas of Baby C, a print and mug (mostly gifts).  I made this order on the 24th of November. 

Obviously when you order something 4 weeks before Christmas you presume they will arrive in time. 

So I waited and waited. Printerpix give you a link so you can log into your account and track the progress. I noticed for a white the items were stuck on 75% (waiting to dispatch) but not the mug I bought for Mother Candy, which was always waiting for ‘production’. So I pop a few emails. I tweet. I ask politely for an update, and eventually get a reply on the 12th of December saying that it will be with me at the end of the week BY THE LATEST. 

Whilst all this is happening, I am getting tons of emails from them offering 50% off calendars and clearly they are still pitching for business despite running behind.

On the 17th of December I finally get 2 parcels with all my bits and pieces (annoyed the tree decoration arrived so late!). But the mug? It’s missing.  I immediately write them an email explaining that the mug was missing and incase they didn’t believe me, someone actually stuck a note in the parcel saying “Waiting for….mug”.

Mr C also phoned the company twice on the 19th and was told that it would be with us that Friday (21st Dec) definitely. 

Friday (yesterday!) comes and no parcel. Mr C calls again and the woman he speaks to actually cannot comprehend what the hell he is going on about, despite waiting for FORTY MINUTES TO GET THROUGH.  She does say that it will be with us before Christmas though. 

I then get an email back from them which says, 

All Mailboxes Found 112 matches for search

Oh that’s ok then I think. Although they are really really really pushing it, surely someone at Printerpix actually knows what they are doing?

Then I get this email at 6.35pm on Friday (which I will annotate):

Dear Rowena,

We are sincerely disappointed to inform you that we are not going to be able to deliver your order before Christmas. [LYING F*CKERS! FOUR members of staff told me it WOULD be here on time]

This is a deeply saddening notice that we have to send, [Not as sad as Mother Candy will be when she’s supping a cup of chai without Baby Candy’s face on it] and one that we will never forgive ourselves for. [I will never forgive myself for using your company] We have worked 24 hours a day, 7 days a week [Hire more staff?], in order to fulfil all your orders. However, time has still managed to run away, [Must remember this phrase to use at next one to one with the boss] leaving us unable to guarantee you a Christmas delivery. [Then why oh why oh why did you instruct your staff to tell customers that items WOULD be here on time? Why not be honest and say, we can’t fulfil the order?!]

We would love to hope that all your gifts will arrive before Christmas, but we can’t rely on that now, [No because you haven’t even sent it] and the last thing we want you to do is leave your loved ones empty handed at Christmas. And so we urge you to take our advice [Why would I?] and secure another little something this weekend for them, explain what happened, [“This company called Printerpix f-cked me over”] and assure them that their gift is on its way. [Thanks for the advice, but will you come over and clean my house, go Christmas dinner shopping, run a ton of errands and look after my tiny baby because that’s what I had planned over this Christmas weekend rather than getting sardined in a shopping centre by a ton of ravenous shoppers and spend MORE money.]

We are so sorry for letting you down like this, and want you to understand that your items are being produced or are already finished. [Stick them in the f—-g post box then!] If you have any queries, please feel free to contact our Customer Service team by emailing.  However, please note that, owing to the Christmas Holiday, we will not be able respond until 27th December 2012. [B*stards!! So you wait til 6.35pm to send this email out to customers knowing that you would not have to reply to any of them till AFTER Christmas?]

With our most sincerest of apologies. [I don’t believe you]

Wishing you and all those you hold dear a Merry Christmas.

The Printerpix Team.

Yep, I am quite peed off by their awful customer service!  Let me br-br-break it down…

1. You don’t keep taking people’s money when you can’t supply the goods

Printerpix have been running lots and lots of big discounts, no doubt that has given them tons of custom. But they couldn’t handle it; it was just far too much so why were they still promoting their special offers via email?  

2. They had lots of time…

Lots and lots of time to produce the items I ordered.  Do people have to order in October to get gifts by December?!

3. You’re so inconsistent!

Emailed and phone various times, 99% of the time it was bullish-t and empty promises! Why does no one know what’s going on?

4. Why the lies?!

The most annoying thing is that they waited and waited and waited til the last moment to tell customers that their items wouldn’t be dispatched in time. 

Remember they are on a break from Christmas Eve (Monday) til the 27th (Thursday). They only let me know on the Friday before at 6.35pm that they couldn’t fulfil the order. Had they been honest and admitted a week ago that they couldn’t fulfil the order I could’ve went elsewhere to order the product. Anyone who ordered a customised item will find impossible now to get something similar online or on the highstreet. They left us NO TIME WHATSOEVER to get replacements!

Why? Perhaps they just don’t want to refund their customers because to admit that they can’t produce the items would mean giving people their money back! 

Ho Ho Ho.  Luckily for me, the mug is a stocking filler for Mother Candy but that’s not the point really…there will be people who have ordered their main presents from Printerpix and it’s so disappointing to know their gifts won’t be with them on time. 

So Printerpix you well and truly deserve a massive SCREW YOU from me!

I hope everyone got all their presents on time!

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