Primark Staff Rant on Facebook, Queues continue to Grow

I read a piece today on that high class rag, The News of The World about Primark, you know the shop I love to hate and their staff posting abuse about their customers.

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Article is here.

Example: Meanwhile a women’s department assistant moans at “hefty” shoppers who need to “lose some f****** weight” instead of insisting they are a 16 “when they are obviously a 22 or 24”.

They of course did it on a highly private and unheard of website called Facebook….

I have to say I found this a little bit amusing. I have out of body experience every time I am in Primark. Three quick experiences

1. A 6’3 male who keeps rocking back and forth behind me in the queue, each time pushing me forward. Everytime I look, he stops swaying.

2. A mother with two kids who she is lecturing on the importance of spending equally – “I’ve spent £30 on Madison so you have another £20 to go”. Child is in a buggy, looks like she can just about walk, of course. Way to teach a toddler how to be materialistic. She just wants to go home and watch Bear in the big Blue House.

3. Man in the queue behind me in the Customer Services line which is a 40 minute – 1 hour wait on average for returns and exchanges. His missus joins him.

Her “Why are you queuing here? Isn’t this for returns?”
Him “No. All the other tills say Cash & Wrap”
Her “So?”
Him “They’re just for presents, aren’t they.”
Her “Oh right.”

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I’ve ranted about Primark before I don’t need to do it again, but in terms of this particular article – anyone who is stupid enough to set up a page for “Staff of… XXXXX’ then slag the company or even worse, the customers off deserves whatever punishment they get. There are lots of places to vent, as probably anyone who has a job does – just not in public.

Facebook is not private. Everyone knows by now that employers and potential employers will scan the site for any material that is derogatory towards their business.

Besides the staff are half asleep most of the time – I never feel more invisible than when being served by a member of staff in Primark. But the customers (as noted from experiences above) are pretty gnarly too. I have no doubt the staff have to develop a tough skin and the customers don’t give a damn when they have been pushed and shoved and then queued for 40 minutes to buy a pair of £2 socks.

In other words they should both quit bitching – alternatives:

1. Staff, get another job in a less busy store and

2. Customers, shop somewhere else

What do you think?

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  1. John says

    The staff are demoralised due to low wages, bad working conditions and the managers on their backs (quite often). Many of the customers are ignorant/rude/messy.

    • Row says

      Hi John

      I do recall a hideous experience when I witnessed a manager humiliating a member of staff who didn’t know what to do with a refund, and spoke to her like she was nothing (so bad I considered complaining about it) but yes – bad customers are rife but there are also polite, unmessy ones like me get tarred with the same brush in Primark-world. Unfortunately there are many low paid staff (especially in retail, I know I did it for a fair amount of time) but one must always improve ones own situation, no?