Pretty Purple Eyes: Visee Blossom Eyes Limited Edition Eyeshadow Review

Visee is not my favourite Japanese drugstore level brand – far from it but nevertheless, sometimes they release some really nice products.

I seem to have quite a lot of their eyeshadow palettes because I find they tend to be bolder than other brands. I got the chance to try this new Limited Edition palette, called the Blossom Eyes – I chose ‘Romantic Glam’ which is a combination of purple, brown and pinks:


The packaging is just lovely – it’s plastic but moulded into a raised, flowery pattern. There 5 shades in each palette and they all look quite lovely, but I went for this one as this was used on the main model visual.

Ta da!


These colours are a lovely mix – cream, pink, plum, brown. There is a stronger purple combination palette which appealed to me but this is a little different.

Texture wise, the palette is great. The colours are soft and pigmented with a soft metallic sheen to it – it’s highly wearable as most Japanese palettes are:#alttext#

I didn’t realise that this palette was a combination of powder and cream – they all feel like soft powder to me but Kathi at Lotus Palace mentions that the top two shades are infact cream.

They honestly feel the same to me!


Shades in PK1 Palette: Dark rich brown, soft rosey pink, very light pink-white, sheer white and a rich plummy brown.

I will do an FOTD with this over the weekend when I have more time.

My first impressions of this palette is that it’s a lovely albeit not madly exciting bet. If you are new to Japanese make up you won’t be disappointed with these pretty combos – the eyeshadows are certainly well made and complement each other well…but yeah, it’s not madly inventive colour wise.


These are LE! You can buy it here at Apopofkawaii for $21.

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