Pretty & Cute Waterproof Black Gel Eyeliner & Shimmer Stick Eyeshadows!

I was recently set a parcel from Pretty & Cute, a website specialising in Asian cosmetics and accessories.

It’s another one of those stores that you can spend a while just browsing around and seeing that they have to offer! I was sent lots of lashes to try (need to master my application first!) and some cosmetic bits!

One of the things is their own brand Waterproof Gel Eyeliner (priced at $9.99):


Regulars will know I LOVE gel eyeliner so much, I’m always buying them to try out. I’m into coloured waterproof gel eyeliners at the moment!

This Pretty & Cute one is pretty nice! For one thing it’s very very black and the texture is a soft gel which is easy to apply:


I like softer texture gel liners (it will dry out over time anyway so I don’t need a dry one to start off with!) and this is easy to apply under the lashes and above the eye.

The only thing with this gel liner is that because it is soft it take a while to dry.

This means you have to keep your eyes closed for a minute or so as it dries and then it’s set and your good for the day.

If you powder on top then that’s even better I think. Otherwise it lasts quite well – I didn’t notice any smudging or problems although there was a bit of black at the very corner of my eye (I always get a bit of mascara/liner running off here as my eyes water so much in the day).

They also have these Taiwanese Colour Shimmer Sticks ($1.50 each):


These are pretty good fun to play with and are good for highlighting.

I imagine it’s especially good for teens as it’s affordable and fun. I don’t know how much I would personally wear these colours and also the pigment is sheer – medium – it’s more of a shimmer wash and I like more full on colour.

I also noticed that these are fragile – the crayon comes out of the base easily so you can throw these about! It’s easy to push it back into the twist base though…



What do you think? Have you ever shopped on Pretty & Cute?

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  1. Kitty says

    Oooooo I haven’t shopped there but I might have to now, I like the looks of those shimmer sticks!!

    Kitty x