Prettia Hair Dye – Bleach

I think I was a little too harsh on the Prettia Hair Dye the last time I reviewed it.

I grew into the subtle hair colour, a subtle warm brown, and the whole process was fairly easy. Prettia is also very economical – my hair is extremely long, and one box of this does me because it is a foam – it goes further. I need at least 2 boxes for any other kind of dye.

I can’t resist playing with my hair and I am a complete convert to Japanese hair dyes.

Gentler on the hair and scalp, quick, easy to use, nice range for tough Asian hair.

I wanted some sunny highlights! SO I bought bleach!


Bleach in a foam! You must be mad!


This bleach can be left on from 20 – 40 mins depending on what result you want. This WORKS – my hair is lighter but thankfully, even though I was so engrossed in eating my meat balls I left it on for 50 mins, my hair didn’t turn ochre….

The offending meatballs:


I listed the instructions on how to use the hair dye on a previous post here, incase you are stuck!

Here it is on my head. Yes, I am in my bra.


Don’t bother telling me I missed a patch. I know! (I assure you the result is nice and even).

The boyf was no help. “I thought you were supposed to leave your scalp alone” he said as I sauntered through the living room, foam dripping into my ears. “No, this is protective. Protective bleach. Haven’t you heard of it? You’re a dumbass.”

Last time I had no irritation at all, but this time, I am guessing because its a bleach, I had some stinging. It hurt for a little bit then settled down – nothing like using L’oreal Feria which felt like someone had poured caustic soda over my head.

This is it for me ladies, I won’t go back to conventional hair dye. This is ok priced ($15 from eBay seller, Alpha Beauty Store), easy, economical.

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  1. Nadia says

    Hi there Cosmetic-Candy (^_^) /*

    Could you tell me what the ingredients are in this product please? I don’t speak Japanese and I’d really like to know specifically what they are before buying this thanks!

    • Row says

      Hi Nadia

      I can’t be 100% sure sorry – I need to see if I can find someone Japanese to translate, but its hard with it being chemical names but I’ll update you if I can find out!

  2. Nadia says

    Hi Row (^_^)/*

    Thanks for your reply I really appreciate it (^_^), I know what you mean about the names of those crazy chemicals! they are just sooo anoying! it’s hard to find any info about them *faint* lol I’m assuming that’s why that ebay shop -alphabeautyuk- didn’t bother replying to me when I asked them too! looool

    But anyhow I think that I’m just gonna take my chances and do the allergy test oooooo which I forgot to ask ya, you see when you mix the two chemicals together, how long can the bottle be kept for unused? because from what I’ve researched an allergy test has to be done for 48 hours so does that mean it’s ok to mix them up, then do the test for 48 hours and then use the product?

    I’m really sorry for the ultra long question (which has probably confused the heck out of ya loool) I have this really bad habit of typing essays for a comment, surprisingly enough this is a cut down version as well! (^_O) but anyhow thanks again for your help and please do update me if you do happen to find out any info on those (o___O) grrrrr chemicals, take care!

    • Row says

      Hi Nadia

      From what I gather… should definately do an allergy test before you use it. You don’t mix the whole amount – take a small amount of the cream and a small amount of the liquid and only mix a small bit to use as the tester. Put it somewhere like your elbow area or wrist and see if it goes red or you get a rash.

      Hair dye won’t keep for 48 hours, it won’t even keep for a few hours so don’t mix it until you are ready to use….


  3. Maggie says

    Hey Row,

    I know i already asked you a couple of questions on the previous post.
    Did your hair color come out even using the bleach?
    I heard that prettia tends to make people’s roots a more different, noticeable color then the rest of the hair!
    Do you have any tips on how to work the foam through the hair, like where to start?
    Sorry for all the questions :)

    • Row says

      Hi Maggie

      1. The color was fairly even with the bleach. have tried it twice and I would highly suggest you get someone to help if you are not very good at doing dye at home as you dont want to mess with it when you are bleaching

      2. The roots thing – I think this is not always a Prettia thing. What I personally find is that dye responds to virgin hair more than pre processed hair so if I were to bleach my roots then the ends (what have already been coloured) the roots just suck it up hence the brighter colour. That’s just what I have always found with my hair………so maybe think about if your ends are already dyed?

      3. Foam.. its really up to you there are some digrams in the box. I started at the roots then brushed it through and scrunched some of the foam in the ends too then brushed it. Got to make sure its even, cover it, make sure it all feels a bit damp after application (foam is not as wet as a lotion)

      Good Luck!