Pressure Buy: Trevor Sorbie Professional 18-MEA Lipid Shine Complex Curl Cream Review

So a few weeks ago I realised that I had hair which said ‘I’M ON THE EDGE’ so scuttled off down to the hairdressers for a cut. 

I originally had an appointment at Nicky Clarke’s as I spotted an offer (otherwise their prices are way to high in my town – London prices) but as I was slightly late, they wouldn’t see me so I called up Trevor Sorbie’s to see if they had a last minute appointment, and they did!

To cut a long story short, my stylist chopped right into my very straight length bob (sigh) giving me tons of random layers…so artistic was she that some of my hair ended up my latte (which wasn’t replaced (sob).  I wasn’t sure about the cut at first but I am more keen on now.  She used a product called the Trevor Sorbie 18-MEA Shine Complex and a diffuser to give me a very curly, bouncy look.  We got to the till and there was that moment where I felt I had to buy the styling product…but it’s Trevor Sorbie, so it must be like, what, £4?

No it’s £11.50 – geez, louise. 

Trevor Sorbie Professional 18 MEA Lipid Shine Complex Curl Cream Review

They say:

18-MEA is the major natural lipid (fatty layer) that protects the cuticle surface, creates shine and accounts for 40% of the lipid mass. Its role is to give defence against external attacks on the hair’s condition and appearance.

Longer hair (i.e. any hair from jaw length of longer) is older and thus has been exposed to more damage than shorter hair and will have less natural 18-MEA.

This 18-MEA Curl Cream, along with the rest of the range, replenishes the hair, targeting damaged areas, helping restore its condition and therefore creates amazing shine. There is a positive cumulative effect from regular use, the more the Curl Cream is used the better the hair’s condition and shine.

This curl cream is a whitish jelly type texture, very typical of hair styling products.  The packaging is like the mainstream Trevor Sorbie range…quite average. 

Now, I cannot deny, that used with a diffuser on hair that already has some movement it gives you really big bouncy hair. However, there’s also a slight crunch to it and if you apply even slightly too much, it looks wet, like you’re the kind of person that leaves the house with wet hair. I also found mine flopped after 4 hours and I looked like a poodle.

I also dislike how my hair feels after this – my favourite curl cream is Aveda’s and my hair is super soft when using it.  This however, leaves a residue…it feels almost dusty, in my hair.

Pressure Buy Trevor Sorbie Professional 18 MEA Lipid Shine Complex Curl Cream Review

The worst bit though is that the following day, my hair feels horrible, like I can’t wait to run to the shower and wash it.  Something about this product leaves a horrible tacky feeling in the hair the next day. I have tried using less or with other products but it still feels horrible to me the following day. 

I can’t see any improvement in my hair condition either. 

Therefore, I can’t see any redeeming qualities with this product not for £11.50.  

Have you ever bought a product from the Salon that disappointed you?

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