Pressed Pigments & Storage Idea!

So I took it upon myself to press nearly all my MAC Pigments and some other random ones. Problem is I had no where to put them all! So in the end I got some gift boxes (DVD Sized) and used magnetic strips.

The strips look like this and can be bought from craft stores and Ebay. I got a 5 meters for around £6. These also have a self adhesive back and is easy to cut with scissors.

Here is the gift box. I like the plain look of these, although you can get them patterned and shiny:

Sticking down the strip:

Putting on the pigments:


So what I’ve learnt is:

– Pressing pigments makes a mess.

– MAC Pigments, Kryolan and NYX takes quite well to pressing – I found that my Fyrannie Pigments didn’t take well at all and returned to powder no matter how much mixing I did.

– Aluminum Pans will not stick to the magnetic strips. They will require another magnet on the back, or you can glue it. Out of my pans, I found 4 were aluminum so wouldn’t stick.

It is all very straightforward to do, hopefully it will give you some new ideas for your pressed pigments or depotted pans! It works out a lot cheaper than buying specific make up palettes to store them in.

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  1. Lily (aka girloflowers) says

    This idea is absolute genius! Thankyou!
    I also tried to press my fyrinnae pigments and it just didn’t -work- what a waste huh?