Pregnancy Leg & Foot Creams! Mama Mio Lucky Legs vs Burt’s Bees Mama Bee Leg & Foot Cream Review!

Pregnancy takes it’s toll on your legs!  For me it has resulted in a lot of aching around the calves and swelling.  I’ve also had pains in my foot and on the odd occasion, a pain radiating down one of my legs..and don’t get me started on the cramps! I frequently have to jump out of bed to even it out the muscle spasms. 

It is very very nice to get a leg up (are you reading this Mr C?!) but I like quite hard leg rubs rather than anything too superficial on the skin.  Cooling leg creams are excellent at moisturising but also refreshing the tootsies. 

Here are 2 I’ve been trying:

Mama Mio Lucky Legs vs Burt s Bees Mama Bee Leg Foot Cream Review

Mama Mio Lucky Legs and Burt’s Bees Mama Bee Leg & Foot Cream.  

On a side note: There is such an amazing selection of natural skincare out there for mama’s to be!  I’ve been trying out all sorts from Mama Mio, Burts Bees, Neals Yard, Melvita etc. etc. 

Mama Mio Lucky Legs:

A mini spa treatment that glides on to instantly cool and ease weary limbs from knees to tip toes. Leaves a super-subtle sparkly-shimmer on your shins and a spring in your step.

This is a really nice serum-gel type product. It sinks into the legs really easily – in fact if your skin is a bit dry it will sink in a little bit too quickly if you want to do a quick massage!

It has a really nice minty refreshing feeling too.  My legs definitely felt refreshed and lighter after application – there’s a little shimmer on my legs afterwards so I would say that it’s not a before bedtime cream for me. 

This costs £16.50 – you get 100ml which is quite a lot so it will last a while.  I prefer it to cooling leg gels you can buy from Boots just because I find they leave my legs quite slimy or even worse, leave a weird film on the skin. 


Mama Mio Lucky Legs vs Burt s Bees Mama Bee Leg Foot Cream Review 2

Then on to the Burts Bees Mama Bee Leg & Foot Cream (£12.99)!

I am rather fond of Burts Bees at the moment – I am still deciding whether this should be Baby Candy’s first skincare range. 

They say:

This rich cream is specially formulated with peppermint oil and rosemary extract to nourish and condition. Your legs and feet will thank you for the special treatment during your pregnancy.

This has a completely different texture to the Mama Mio- it is a rich cream which offers more hydration than Mama Mio.  It’s very nice to use and is better to use in the evening because you can really massage (or get someone else!) to massage it in! 

The Mama Mio I think, is better for on the go use and the Burts Bees is really rich and creamy and therefore works better when you don’t need to just apply and go! 

Both are minty – I thought the Burts Bees being a cream wouldn’t be as tingly or refreshing as a serum but it is. Ingredients:

Mama Mio Lucky Legs vs Burt s Bees Mama Bee Leg Foot Cream Review 1

The creams side by side:


Mama Mio Lucky Legs vs Burt s Bees Mama Bee Leg Foot Cream Review 3

I don’t always remember to use a special leg and foot cream but when I do it’s always very refreshing as my legs are usually under trousers or tights for most of the day! Ahhhhh. 

I’d recommend both of these leg creams I prefer them to leg cooling gels, and which one you get just depends on if you prefer a serum or cream texture!

Would you use a leg/foot cream?

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    Sounds nice! My feet are really tired these days from the hot weather, so something to refresh them would be really nice.