Pre Holiday Pamper: Lash Perm at J Crystal Salon – I love my lashes!

I’ve had a few lash perms now but the last experience gave me shudders and scared the life out of my eyeballs.

The woman was so incredibly rough near my eyes, I had the end of cuticle sticks near it, it stung, it was far far far more uncomfortable that it should’ve been.

But since I was going away I knew that I couldn’t be bothered curling my eyelashes – when your lashes are like mine they take that extra work and I couldn’t be bothered at all.

So I went for a place I had visited many moons ago and did a decent lash perm – J Crystal which is located in Manchester.

Here is a picture I took recently just to show how straight my lashes are:


The experience I had on Saturday was a far cry from my eyelash nightmare. Jane did my eyelash perm and she was incredibly gentle and careful – yes there were things close to my eyes but I never felt like she was going to hurt or poke me!

Also after the treatment I found out that they don’t use the rods, which are horrible and hard to stick on. They use a plastic moon shaped thing – it’s not a lash clip – but anyway the results are good.

For the record they will look very dramatic to most people but remember that the lashes will naturally drop a little especially once I use mascara – I can use any mascara successfully when I have a lash perm!

One eye:


Two eye:


The treatment takes and hour and you have a perming solution put off which smells eggy, then a fixer, then sometimes a lash conditioner.

From the side:


From underneath!


You can really see the difference when you look at my eyes together. I did flutter them and I do think people fluttered back at me.


This treatment cost me £30.

Would you try this?

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  1. Naz says

    They look fabulous. I think that’s one of the best lash perms I’ve seen. Have you ever tried to do one yourself?

  2. liloo/tsunimee says

    omg this is great! again i need an update on this to make a decision
    i dont actually need extensions, i just need them curling? wow! xx