Pout – Round Two!

The big Pout 50% off sale had a lot of us in a daze – I made second order the day after my first, and now nearly 3 weeks later it has arrived! Hurrah!

I love how big the pans are for the blushers, and the light-medium shimmer content –

I was also tempted by the concealer which has a dark and light – presumably you can mix the colours together but I thought it might be nice for a bit of contouring –

I missed out on the freebie offer by about half an hour the first time round, so I sent a grovelling email to Pout and they sent me a freebie –

I don’t use the plumpers because I find them quite painful, and I tried the mascara a few days ago and it was a bit flaky…but it would make a nice gift for one of my girlies!

I am also starting a new tag called Swatches – I think it is useful to have photos of products I might have for other people to look at – I rarely buy make up nowadays without trying to find a real life photo of it first, so if anyone has any good ideas of how to organise it let me know! Untill then, they will just be under swatches…

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