Postal Strike Over!

……for now, anyway. The horrendous 4 day strike is finally over and although I doubt any of us will be deluged in a shower of Make Up packages (actually a fantasy of mine! – 200 packages? All for me? Just put it over there please…). Chances are with the backlog it will take a few days, possibly Friday at the earliest for the post to start arrive. Depends on the depot of course, if you are lucky, you may get mail tomorrow, if you are unlucky, halfway through next week (but then there may be more strikes next week.)

Anyway, I have made a list of the things I have loitering in the postal system somewhere. I am always anxious when I am waiting for things, to as if they will arrive or not – fingers crossed for this lot of goodies!

I have a selection of 8 Mad Minerals coming which I ordered about a month ago – it feels like a lifetime! (wow, see I learned to link too!).

I am mostly looking forward to recieving Black Cherry a deep black-plum with shimmers.

I also have some items for Halloween coming from Show Biz Centre which is based in Holland. I have to say the gentleman advising me was a little – erm – cheeky? Blunt perhaps in his customer correspondence, but it could be lost in translation. Nevertheless, the swatches are excellent and they have shipped my order out very quickly (let’s see when it arrives!).

I bought the most fab palette from them, a Kryolan 24 pan Aqua Colour set, Palette ‘Z’.

Aqua Colour is for using with – well, water, and dries nicely like the face painting stuff. Palette Z has all the colours I wanted – Gold and Silver, UV Brights, White & Black and a night true green & turquoise.

From Screenface I bought a fabulous 36-well Japonesque palette, which I am going to chop my favourite lipsticks into. I am looking forward to that!

What is annoying is that this lip palette is only $20.00 from the US site (about £10 quid). It is £25 to buy from Screenface….sigh. I need to take a trip to the US and stock up on these sundries!

I am also looking forward to my order of the Alexander McQueen for MAC collection. I am expecting the three paint pots in a wonderful acid green, sky blue and electric blue – I will post on all these things as they arrive!

I purchased two of these Shu Uemura Limited Edition Palette as I collect them. I got this with a yellow flower and one with a green flower to go with my Shu lace palette and the recent birthday boutique palette.

Adambeauty, my favourite place to browse when I’m bored has in the post for me the new Maquillage Powder and Intergrate mascara.

I should also add a rave for the Maquillage under eye concealer of which I have bought back ups of (I never buy back ups normally! Cos I never finish it in the first place) –

I love this concealer so much. It is light, and covers very well without being chalky. You only need a small amount of product to cover dark circles. This is so much better than Touche Eclat!

So there you go – if I get all of my post before the end of Oct I’ll be happy enough!

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