Post Natal Hair Loss Woes: LA Science Follicle Stimulating Shampoo Review

I had been forewarned by my mother and aunts that after giving birth it would be highly likely that I would lose what seems like, a lot of hair.  I didn’t really pay much attention, as those first months pass like a haze, and I seemed to do fine in the hair department. Then exactly 3 months post partum, the hair loss began. 

For me it was handfuls of hair falling out when I had a shower, when I brushed and just through general activities.  I found hair on my pillow, on my clothes, over my baby…thank god I had a cut when I was 6 months pregnant that took a lot of the length off…this really kept things a bit more manageable.  

The point is though – it is scary. Even though I knew it would happen, even though it’s hormonal and quite common and normal, seeing 20 strands of hair in your hands every time you go near your head is scary. I am lucky as I didn’t get bald patches, and it still looked ok…slightly thinner but ok.  

Then, the lovely Elle recommend this shampoo to me:

LA Science Follicle Stimulating Shampoo Review 2

LA Science Follicle Stimulating Shampoo. At first, I wasn’t sure…it looks like a clinical brand, as so many shampoos do these days, but I have frequently been disappointed with products that promise this and that…

But first, what causes Postpartum hair loss?

Postpartum hair loss tends to occur 3-6 months after birth.  It occurs because during pregnancy, hormones make our hair thick and lush, and less likely to fall out.  However, after birth, the hormone levels drop so the extra hair falls out – so you aren’t actually losing more hair, it’s just that you retained more hair than normal during pregnancy and it’s all falling out at once. 

Other things that can help it:

Taking vitamins (I keep forgetting to)

Be gentle, use a dry shampoo if you can to avoid shampooing (I can’t do this, I can’t stand a greasy scalp or a load of dry shampoo on my head)

Skip heated styling tools (I don’t use them that much so that’s fine by me).  

A haircut can obviously help…one thing I read about is that sometimes, mum’s hair can wrap itself around the little baby without her realising and cause pain – around the neck, fingers and even boys willies (yes really!). I thought, yeah right! Then I found a hair wrapped around Baby H’s chubby leg even though it’s covered most of the time. So yes, if you can bear it, shorter hair might be a good idea around now. 

Anyway, back to the ‘poo…

They say:

The recent reformulation is based on the existing highly effective formula with the addition of a new ‘growth-factor-mimicking’ peptide. The result is a broad spectrum powerhouse of ingredients specifically designed to stimulate and promote optimal hair growth and restore full, thick and healthy hair. LA Science’s patented nano-liposphere technology delivers these innovative growth-factor-mimicking peptides and potent actives directly into the hair follicle to ensure LA Science customers experience thicker, fuller hair.

This shampoo is a creamy white colour, nothing special in texture or appearance or scent.  It lathers quite well, and it should be massaged into the scalp although it doesn’t feel nourishing or anything in particular.  

A week into using this (I wash my hair every other day) I noticed no differences.  Everywhere I went I’d find a strand of my hair….

And then. 

3 weeks later, I realised. My hair loss had DRAMATICALLY reduced. I would never announce that on this blog unless it was significant, but it really was.  For example, running my fingers through my hair, I probably took about 3 hairs out on average.  Washing it, a typical amount washed down- I mean blocked up – the plughole. Nothing ridiculous like before. 

Even Mr C noticed that he wasn’t hoovering up after me as much.  My hair loss I think, had reduced by around 70%. Yes I am still shedding but it is now at a much more average amount! 

LA Science Follicle Stimulating Shampoo Review 3

The improvement was very noticeable for me. I am still using this shampoo even though, if I were to be critical, it can make my scalp a little itchy sometimes (I don’t react that well to SLS, which is present in this shampoo).  However, it is worth it for the results. 

Ingredients: Water, Sodium Laureth Sulphate, Ammonium Laureth Sulphate, Disodium Cocoamphodiacetate, Cocoamide MEA, Cocoamidopropyl Betaine, Polyquaternium-7, Dimethacone, Glycol distrearate, Fragrance (Parfum), Dipropylene Glycol, Polyquaternium-10, Citric acid, Guar, Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride, Methylchloroisothiazolinone, Hydrolysed keratin, Hydroxypropyltrimonium Hydrolzed silk, Laureth – 23, Laureth – 3, Lawsonia Inermis (Henna extract), Pleuropterus Multiflorus Root extract, Glycerin, Thuja Orientalis Root Extract, Polygala Tenuiforia Root Extract, Climbazole, Glccine Soja (Soybean) oil, Phosphatidylchlorine, Arginine, Biotin, Octapeptide – 2, Copper Tri peptide – 1.

I don’t know when the hair loss will naturally stop but I’d happily go through a few more bottles of this. 

In terms of other benefits; well my hair is clean, it smells fine, it looks quite soft and shiny too as long as I condition as normal and use my usual squirt of serum as it dries.  

Verdict: A must try if you have hair loss. 

You can buy the shampoo at Feel Unique where it’s £11.90 with free shipping (cheaper than Boots). 

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    The best solution for hairloss for me is using RegenePure. One of the best hairloss shampoos, and it contains ketoconazole. Especially for thinning hair.