Pore Clean Out! Holika Holika Pore Sea Stem Mineral Scaling Bubbing Mask Review!

Japanese and Korean brands constantly come up with new product ranges and the most ridiculous names. What is Mineral Scaling? Sounds like something a builder would do to the roof. “Right love…your roof…it’s not good news, you’re gonna need mineral scaling…”

Alas, I was curious. Holika Holika skincare is packaged so nicely, however I’ve yet to find a Korean skincare product I’d call essential.  Pore care in Asia is big news; maybe it’s the climate plus oily skin or it’s just hereditary, but blocked and enlarged pores are a problem!

Holika Pore Sea Stem

Holika Holika’s Pore Sea Stem collection is a pore care range consisting of 5 products so far; a bubble mask (the one I am reviewing), a tightening mask, a pore cover balm (like a primer), a freshener spray (like a spritz) and a finishing serum to use with your regular day to day skincare. 

Here is the packaging:Pore Clean Out Holika Holika Pore Sea Stem Mineral Scaling

This mask comes in a tube and with an attachment head which is a synthetic dense brush.  On paper this is an EXCELLENT idea – no getting mask all over the place, all over your fingers etc. etc. In practise it’s actually a bit annoying and not too hygienic. Pore Clean Out Holika Holika Pore Sea Stem Mineral Scaling 1

In order to get the product out (which is a clear gel), press the tube.  It’s not that easy to press, the tube is quite airless you you have to really quite squish it down. This means it’s hard to control the quantity to come out:

Pore Clean Out Holika Holika Pore Sea Stem Mineral Scaling 3

This mask bubbles up on the skin and should be left for around 5-10 mins depending on your skin type.  I am quite sensitive so I kept my eye on the tingly feeling. 

Now – if I compare this to my beloved BLISS Triple Oxygen mask or the Missha Oxygen Mask  – it has quite a light bubbly texture and the gel is thicker than the Bliss.  However, it is more tingly than the other two by far, it’s quite zingy but I didn’t leave it on for too long in case it made me flare up. It takes almost no time to bubble up anyway so you don\’t have to leave it on for ages. 

Pore Clean Out Holika Holika Pore Sea Stem Mineral Scaling 2

Afterwards, my skin felt clean and quite fresh but in terms of pore care…can something that sits on the face so lightly deep cleanse? I would say it cleans well and a bit like the Bliss mask, it’s good fun to use and is less of a full on mask than a mud mask but takes less time than a sheet mask (which I NEVER have time to use).  For pores though, I think a good scrub is more effective than this mask.


Pore Clean Out Holika Holika Pore Sea Stem Mineral Scaling ingredients


Quite a decent little mask, refreshing and cleansing and a cheaper alternative to Bliss’ famous mask.  However, I don’t see wondering pore improvement. 

*I purchased this from eBay for £7

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