Pop Quiz

Pop Quiz Time. 

I am trying to organize the blog more effectively.  I need a little help from you.  So tell me:

1) Is the posting frequency on this blog fine (its around 3 a day), would you prefer less, some every other day?  I wonder if people have time to read and catch up on posts sometimes.

2) I am considering making videos.  Would you prefer to see videos hosted by YouTube, Vimeo or Not bothered?

3) I’m actually out of questions.  Anything you want to ask me?

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  1. Zereen says

    Hi Rowena! I love your daily blogs – keep them coming!
    I’d love to see some videos on youtube x

  2. sue says

    There’s no such thing having too many posts. I enjoy reading it, even if I don’t have time to read it everyday, I look forward to catching up whenever I can.

    You should make videos! For hauls, tutorials, cats etc… My vote goes to youtube, just cause I can favorite a video or embed it on my own journal and share with friends.

    • Row says

      Hey Sue…that’s good to know :) I do like reading blogs that update regularly myself but they tend to be gossip blogs.

      You tube..ok gotcha. Just there’s so many weirdos on the tube!

  3. says

    1) Love it – always something to read
    2)Youtube out of them but the blog is awesome as is :)
    3)Which spice girl were you when ‘forced’ to recreate the group at school? Don’t lie, you know you did it! :oP

    • Row says

      Hey Chica!

      Argh. Baby spice. Don’t ask me why she was always my favourite – the lesser of 5 evils!

  4. Mable says

    I agree with Sue! There is definitely no such thing as having too many posts–especially for me since CC is something that I check daily! =x I like reading blogs that update on a regular basis. For example, I love love love reading http://stuffwhitepeoplelike.com/ but I wish they would update more frequently. Hehe.

    Another YES for the videos! Youtube has that “high quality” option now, so that might be a good choice.

    I have questions, if you don’t mind! *nosy*

    1) What is/are your fashion splurge(s)?
    2) In your wardrobe, what are your 3 favourite purchases?
    3) If your cat turns into a fairy and is able to grant you one wish for your HG fashion related item, what would it be?

    (I love fashion hence all the fashion related questions! ^_^)

    • Row says

      Hey Mable!

      STUFFWHITEPEOPLELIKE.COM! I will go over and investigate. I could do a blog called http://www.whatwhitepeopledontlike.com but it would be purely in good humour but I’d probably get offensive emails!

      1) What is/are your fashion splurge(s)?

      Handbags! I am a complete bag lady! That and scarves for some reason. For bags I like Jimmy Choo, Chanel, Mulberry, Chole. Yes, all the expensive stuff.

      2) In your wardrobe, what are your 3 favourite purchases?

      Gosh everything I buy is quite cheap! Well can I include bags? I love my bronze Mulberry Bayswater – i had to force the boyf to buy me that – I have this grey cashmere (but really really thin) tank top which is very long from Whistles that I got in the sale – I like anything long and V-Neck…I don’t have much in terms of going out clothes either! But i did get a suit made in black pinstripe, it was in the style of a Vivenne Westwood suit that Carrie wore in SATC and it’s so sharp, so nice! (where has that gone – I lose stuff a lot, can you tell?!)

      3) If your cat turns into a fairy and is able to grant you one wish for your HG fashion related item, what would it be?

      Can kitty make me drop some pounds? I love to drop some pounds, then…..

      It would be a bag. Is that tragic? It would be chanel, a flap but one of the huge ones in a grey leather. Or a classic chanel suit. Or a Philip Lim dress. Maybe the bag cos I’d use it every day.

  5. says

    1) Yup…I didn’t know you post this often, now I need to check back.

    2) Youtube is alright.

    3) Where is Megan? I kinda miss her…

    • Row says

      Hey Citrine

      there’s posting all the time! Click on the latest posts link on the right hand side if u are unsure :)

      megan is ok! She’s an artist ya know? She won’t be forced into making videos if she “dunt feel like it”. She’s started Wu Shu Kung Fu recently, so that’s her new thing. that and asking questions.

  6. Medina says

    Hi Rowena!

    I love the fact that I can log in every day and there’s always something new to read! Youtube is the way to go but please don’t go all Karen from Makeup and Beauty Blog on us, i.e. she sometimes posts videos so random it makes me worry about her sanity, I liked her so much more when she was focusing cosmetics only and wasn’t trying so hard to be funny. Please keep in the current style of the blog, I love your passion! :-) XXX

    • Row says

      Hey Medina!

      Aww thanks! I haven’t visited Makeup and Beauty blog for a while although Karen is super cute and always has lots of new material. I’ll go over to have a look 😉

      I have to schedule posts a bit…otherwise it would be overload since I always find something to complain about.