Pop Beauty Palette & Shu Lash Applicator

The weather is finally starting the cheer up here in England; its nicely warm and bright, is it nearly spring?!

I finally did the exercise DVD I bought in January (ahem) and I nearly died after the warm up and first work out. I didn’t even attempt the boxercise section or the stretches because I felt like I had climbed a mountain. And I probably burned what – a quarter of a Reeces Peanut Butter Cup? I will never look at Chocolate in the same way again.

Having said that I started the day with a McDonalds Breakfast and a 3 pack of Reeces, so I obviously haven’t accepted the food in/fat out equation yet. But hey, I’m only 3 days into New Year (Chinese, that is!).

I bought this Pop Beauty Palette on sale for £10 – it includes 8 bronzed/peach shades:

I really love the colours; they can be used on cheek, eyes and for contouring, but I noticed some bizarre black damp looking stains on the compact.

I have not idea what it is but I don’t like – I am going to return it methinks but I do love the colours; they are very summery and wearable, and there is a soft fragrance.

Its my first POP item; I’ve seen the products strewn across counters in TopShop and skipped it since it is hardly cheap, but I will definately keep my eye open now for other cute products they have.

I also got another beauty tool from Ebay – Shu Uemura Eyelash Applicator;

I am completely rubbish with applying lashes. I cannot get it to stick, and if the glue gets to close it irritates my eyes like crazy. So hopefully this tool will help.

I paid £20 for it with shipping, I think it is listed as $55 on the US Shu Website.

Here are the instructions;

This should be a good alternative to my thick fingers and long nails! I find it hard to apply lashes with my tweezers as the are short and thicker than this applicator, so it should be ideal for application…I shall update shortly!

I managed to collect my Paul & Joe, TWO DAYS LATE. Yes it had been sat in a random Post Office. I had called earlier and said they didn’t have it, but when I popped in, the *did* have it. Like magic.

So on my lap here it is:

I couldn’t open it without powder getting everywhere (because it had been knocked about a bit I reckon) hence no piccie whilst I was in the car and now my camera needs charging..yes, disorganised, I know.

Ain’t it cute?! Its such a perfect collection, perfect product and perfect packaging – totally difficult to get for most of us mere mortals, but never mind.

What else? The sun is shining and I feel like a cranky old vampire. Its time to get some Vitamin D.

P.S. Does anyone know a good hairdresser?…..

I kid, I kid.

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  1. Lea says

    Hh lala, you got goodies! I hope the eye lash thingy will work well for you. I won’t even bother for me as I am a big clutz with unstable hands.

    Hey more neutral colors for ya. Yea those black spots are not looking good…perhaps moisture? Could it be mold? That can’t be good for your eyes!

    Glad you finally found your Diney stuff, they’re adorable. Watch out Megan might like them!

  2. titty says

    Oh my god… My boyfriend looks like that. He has thick eyebrows and hair that is curly but straightened. HAHAHAH. I should show you a picture of my boyfriend! LOL.

  3. petitebelle says

    the Paul and Joe stuff look ADORABLE. How I wish we had access to it in the US… it was here briefly in Sephora and then it was gone, all gone!!

  4. Nic Nic says

    hi there,
    i just wanna say your page is really cool, esp the fact that you’re also from UK!! it’s great to see that you’re into Japanese cosmetics as well!

    i’ll be bookmarking your page. i didnt know that little girl was your cousin! lol, I actually saw her on youtube. she’s very cute =)

    keep up the good work!

  5. MandyPandy says

    TinTin was a ginge; be grateful you’re NOT dating TinTin (and I say this, having a naturally redhaired Grandpa and 1 naturally red hair on my head). Redheads give me the heeby-jeebies.

  6. Row says

    Lea – The eyelash thing is AMAZING! I am going to post on it later – I am absolutely rubbish at lashes, but the tool is the perfect exctention for fingers (but thinner!).

    I am returning the palette! Not good for returns in the Uk but I’m sending it anyway!

    Chica – Yes u need it! Its so nice, also, not one of those delicate things you are too scared to swipe.

    Titty – I want to see a picture now!!! Wait you don’t live in England do you? *looks suspious*

    Petitebelle – If I find somewhere that sells P&J in the US I’ll let you know! its limited in the UK unless you live in London…

    Nicnic- Thanks so much :) Its always nice to hear from people who like the page, I appreciate it.

    Yes I am afraid to announce I am related to Megan, and quite closely related too.

    Manddddyyyyy – At least its a hair on you HEAD thats ginger…

  7. Vanessa says

    Hi Row! I give 1/4 teaspoon samples of the pigments (using a measuring spoon you’d use in the kitchen).

  8. Row says

    Mandy – so did you check?!?!?! Muhahah

    Titty! Yes I agree your boyf does look a lot like mine!!! I’ll show Dan and see if its his long lost cousin…

    Vanessa – I don’t think that message is for me my love :) Hope u get it to the right Row?

  9. the Muse says

    YAY you got your bits! That’s great!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I know you were worried ’bout ’em!

    Loving tin tin! 😉