Poll Time: Do you prefer Blog Posts or Videos?

You Tube is such a wonderful place – well, it has its downside – but overall its a fantastic place to watch what I want, when I want.

It got me thinking – what do most people prefer – blog posts or videos?


Blog Posts require a bit more effort – you have to read through it, but it can be more informative than a video (ie. when listing ingredients).

Videos are quite a tricky medium I’ve come to realise! For one thing, speaking naturally and comfortably is difficult, and the editing and post production is extremely important not to mention time consuming.

But it has its perks, like being able to show how a product works and the viewer can watch it even when they are doing something else. It can also feel more personal to the viewer.

Do you know…I like both mediums and because I love to write. Blogging is my favourite thing to do BUT because I am usually working on something, I prefer to watch videos as it means I can listen to it even if I am typing up some work.

So tell me:

Do you prefer blog posts or videos?

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  1. says

    You must have read my mind – good poll. Your blog is fantastic by the way. I stumbled upon it while on google – as you do.
    I use both in my blog, but most definitely videos are the biggest pain for me to do. I’ve made bad ones and not bad ones but the thing I like about either good or bad is at least you get to have a different connection with people.
    My videos are mostly up to bring back hits to my site and to give my site visitors a more personal (face to face if you like) view of me.
    YouTube doesn’t mean is has to be perfection. In fact with beauty videos I’ve done I’ve had the polished look and the just dragged out of bed look. OOOh so purrrwitty. ha.:) Yes, sometimes I have a face only a mother could love. But hey it shows the products needs to do some work lol.
    Like I said, love your blog!!! It’s on my faves.
    V x

  2. liloo says

    well, of course the people are going to blog, aren’t they.
    do the same poll on youtube and people are going to say youtube xx
    i voted perfect mixture of both, when subject matters fits to the purpose, to cosmetic_candy discretion, terms and conditions apply :) xxx

  3. Miss B says

    I prefer blog posts just because I am deaf! Unless people subtitled their videos, it’s not always easy to lip-read the videos! I do sometimes watch videos for product recommendations and how-to-apply-make-up tips, but there always seem to be a lot of faff in the beginning of these videos, and I can never catch what they are about. I’m sure they’re just introductions, but I always have to skip those!
    So, blog posts are much better and informative for me!
    I love your blog, I hope this isn’t a prelude to “more videos less posts”!

  4. says

    I like both, it depends on the subject really. I like video tutorials on how to apply makeup or create a certain look. They are easier to follow them written or photo tutorial and you learn the different techniques better if you see someone doing them. But I don’t like video reviews or hauls. I don’t always have much time to be online so written reviews are much easier to scan and I can find the info I’m interested in straight away, whether with videos I can’t do that. And I find that people often diverge and start talking about stuff that has nothing to do with the product they’re reviewing which can be nice when you’re bored but very irritating when you’re in a rush. I only like them when they go straight to the point and aren’t too long.

  5. Sonata says

    Oooh good point, and I’ve been considering this too. I think that the text/photos blog bit is great as you can search for the info you want quickly. However, vids are more fun and, as you say, great for getting certain things across. It’s a bit like email vs phone.

    Videos are much better for tutorials and things though.