Poll Time: Do you give in to pressure selling?

As seasoned as I am on make up counters, there are times, when faced with a full frontal Sales Assistant attack that I just cannot defend myself.

She’s too scary.

She’s too forceful.

She’s too good at giving me reasons why I need her product.

She is already calculating what to spend her bonus on.

Me at the till:


Some people say that they can just walk away regardless…

I tend to find myself fairly strong on make up counters, but I do get highly irritated by extremely pushy sales people with no tact:

Me: “I’ll take the cleanser but I don’t really need any other skincare right now”

SA: “Well your skin sure looks like it needs our skincare. I’d say it was urgent”

(Real conversation. Brand begins with ‘N’.)

But its not the bitches you need to worry about – its the really sweet pretty ones with big smiles, the ones that stare at you intently whilst whispering…”No pressure. Honest.”

In Asia they are even worse. In Hong Kong, the pressure selling borders on maniacal. I’ve had a woman grab me by the arm and insist that I needed her slimming tummy gel, and I remember being with my mum as she was pressure sold £500 worth of Ultima II skincare (she blamed me, naturally).

So tell me:

Do you give in to pressure selling?

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  1. says

    Any seller that gives me any snarky comments gets the product i was going to buy shoved back in their face and i walk away or ask to speak to their manager.

    So far though ive only ever had that happen once on a Chanel counter years ago..since then i dont think ive had many issues.

    • Row says

      I’ve had some real snarking when I was younger not so much these days! In hong kong people were so blunt it got quite annoying!

  2. says

    I hope my comment reaches your blog, because I noticed that most of my comments do not show up.

    Anyway, I have a bit of a lecturer inside of me, so if a person is pressuring me to buy something she/he wants me to buy and I have the money for it, I start doing a bit of reverse psychology and complain that I have no money but if she thinks it is right that I will buy it to please her . Ofcourse, a couple of days later, only when she is behind the counter (and I am able to return the goods) I will do my sad little talk and start returning everything at small doses.

    Also, I am able to talk a bit too loud in a subtle manner about her not-so-good advise when returning, so at least for that moment the other clients might think “wow, that buyer (me) is a loony” or “geesh, that counter lady is really taking advantage and not giving proper advise. Let’s go to another counter”.

    Anyway, most sales persons in the Netherlands do not work with bonus, so the art of pressure selling is a lot less over here. On the other side, that limits the amount of semi-enthousiastic sales persons helping you, something that I do see when visiting London for example (being neglected can be &%^ as well).

  3. says

    It’s really annoying when you go to a makeup counter and all you want to do is have a little bit of play and they pounce on you straight away. By all means ask me if I need assistance but if I say no then leave me alone. I’m more likely to buy something if I’m given some space and then able to approach the sales staff with any questions. I guess the ideal customer would be someone who says ‘I don’t have a clue please help me’.