Poll: Saddest Movie Moments

I was asking the other half today if he had ever cried at a film, to which he responded “Being a man, I had to stop myself”. Great.

But this got me thinking – what film moments have brought a lump to my throat? When I find a film sad or poignant, usually its the the extent where I just can’t watch them again because I can’t face that particular moment in the film. Yes – that’s right. If someone has to watch it, I get up and leave the room.

Here are my personal top 5 sad film moments. I wanna know – what are yours (doesn’t have to be as many as 5!)

** spoilers **

1. The Lion King

When Mufasa dies – it kills me everytime. Little Simba’s face – the look of confusion on his little face, when a child doesn’t comprehend or understand right from wrong, makes me want to go and kiss my kitty.

2. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

The scene where Li Mu Bai (Chow Yun Fat) dies and Yu Shu Lien (Michelle Yeoh) kisses him on the face is tragic. This is no Titanic ‘I love you even though I’ve known you for 10 minutes’ rubbish. It’s all the supressed emotions and feelings of two people who have had to put the love aside for a long time only to discover its just too late.

3. Leon

It’s so sad at the end when Leon dies and Matilda is left on her own in the world. planting a flower to keep as a friend. I also find it tragic that Leon’s friend doesn’t keep his word and holds back his money from Matilda.

4. A Moment to Remember

This is a Korean film – it actually really does my head in because the whole point of this film seems to be to bring its viewers into a blubbering mess at the end. It’s about a love story between two people, and the woman gets Alzheimer’s…the way the whole thing is built up is very effective, annoyingly so:

5. Grave of the fireflies

If you need a reason to commit suicide, this is it. A brother and sister in war time Japan struggle to stay alive due to starvation and of course other problem that war bring with it. The film begins **spoiler** with the death of the older boy (his little sister having already died) and he is just yet another child who has starved to death in the train station.

Oh, it’s an important film, and it’s certainly saying what should be said about war but it’s not an easy film to watch or stomach. *Switches on Deal or No Deal*

I can’t think of anything else to add for now – oh apart from Benjamin Button. BB made me cry for days because I can’t believe I wasted 2 hours of my precious life watching that pile of crap!

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  1. Citrine says

    Aww. I cried for lion king as well…

    I actually cried for several movies, many of them are for stupid reasons…One of them of the opening of Les Choristes, I cried just because I like the orchestra music at the opening…nothing even happened at the time…

    There is another one that I cried twice (first time watching the trailer…) It’s an Italian film called Life is Beautiful…Right before the dad got killed by the Nazis, he pretend it was for a game so that his son’s (hiding in a little shack) mind wouldn’t be tainted by the killing…

    The very first time I saw Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, it was on a Quebec channel…So it was in French, I tried so hard to understand the thing…(I didn’t get much , of course) so no tear involved…

    But I did cry for lots of Zhang Yi Mou movies those like that “no one left behind…”

    • Row says

      Hi Citrine!

      Wow they dubbed crouching tiger in french. Ooh that could work quite well – the english dub was very good – but dubs are usually crap.

      I will check out some of the films you mentioned. I hate being depressed though! I have to walk out of the room! :)

      this is sad but I find Dark Water (the japanese horror) very sad. Because at the end the mum gives up and stays with a ghost rather than to her own daughter but theres no reasoning for it, its not really fair. The US version was awful because it was completely sugar coated.

  2. mandypandy says

    I cried at the end of Grave of Fireflies when the boy dies -neglected by the people at the train station- and he and his sister return as ghosts. Apparently the movie’s plot was based on a similar events in Akiyuki Nosaka’s (the novel’s author) life. His sister died of malnutrition after the war.

    • Row says

      Hey pandy

      Ooh I can’t bear the film – tis too painful, too real and sad. I didn’t actually make it all the way through it it was just unflinching :o/ Bring back the carebears! Now if this story had been told with Carebears….