Poll: Choose the winner of the Name The Cat competition!

There were some fab suggestions for names for the Cosmetic Candy Cat (our new logo!) so rather than me picking a winner, like election day – the power lies with you….the people.

What shall we call the Cosmetic Candy cat?

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  1. awww.. I was thinking of the cotton buds called Q-tips.

  2. Deanna G. says:

    Totally voted for myself.

  3. Toxoplasmosis

  4. They’re all quite girly.. I’m going for Fard, cos it sounds like something else

  5. I really love Purrl! so cute!

  6. woowww! i’m anxious!

  7. Caroline says:

    not on the list but I’ve always like the name Bijou haha reminds me of the white hamster from the cartoon Hamtaro :) or Miyu for a cat, mean’s beautiful moon haha plus it sorta sounds like meow? ^^;

    I voted Q-tip haha!

  8. I think Kitty or maybe Miu-miu is cute! :) But I voted for Ara already, hehe.. ^^

  9. calling a white cat nehru is a bit of an oximoron isn’t it?
    i voted for purrl, perfect!

  10. HAHA! Q-tip is such a cute name. I want a kitty to call Q-tip now.