Pointless Dual Use Lipstick Alert: Hard Candy Megawatt Smile Lipstick in Picture PerfectReview

My memory of the Hard Candy brand is the multitude of nail polish colours they stocked a Boots which came with a free plastic ring. Even back then they cost nearly £10 each, and I remember talking to school friends and confirming who had a rich dad..’But she’s got 4 of those Hard Candy rings!’.

Hard Candy is no more in the UK but it lives on in the US! When I saw this Megawatt Smile Lipstick being recommended in a YouTube video (I forget which one though) I went straight on to eBay to purchase one. 

I went for 498 Picture Perfect.

Hard Candy Megawatt Smile Lipstick in Picture Perfect Review

This lipstick is supposed to be hydrating with a moisturising core and the other side has a tooth whitener…

Yes really.  A tooth whitener.  That’s what I do when I put lipstick on, I think, better put some whitener on too!

Here is the lipstick – the colour Picture Perfect is a cool toned nude mauve. The core is a soft slightly shimmery clear gloss. I’ll be honest here and I found the quality of this so-so…the packaging is cheap, the lipstick despite being sealed had weird little cracks in it. The lipstick itself is very soft and squidgy so you have to be careful you don’t snap it. 

Hard Candy Megawatt Smile Lipstick in Picture PerfectReview

The colour is not for me – as you will see shortly, it’s a dealthy pale nude  which is not flattering on me, which is a shame. 

The tooth whitener attachment is a minty solution with a brush you can just apply to your teeth. 

I found this pointless – I get that it’s a cute gimmick but, it’s not strong enough to whiten anything, plus why would I want to apply whitener willy nilly anyway? It’s chemicals! It also adds unnecessary bulk to the lipstick which is annoying. 


Hard Candy Megawatt Smile Lipstick in Picture PerfectReview 1

On the plus side it does leave a pretty shine and it’s very moisturising for the short time that it lasts!


Overall this is cheap and cheerful (I paid around £6) but the colour I got isn’t pretty at all and the tooth whitener is nice and minty but realistically quite pointless and didn’t do much for me!

Would you use something like this?

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  1. says

    I think I like this wonderful lipstick! The color might be perfect for my skin tone and it’s very affordable. I don’t mind if it is really a tooth whitener as long as it’s pretty on me. 😀

  2. Lin says

    I used the pearl drops whitener when it came out a few years ago & didn’t like it. The lipstick here reminds me of a Revlon one, which comes with a moisturising centre… They are on amazon for under £5

    • Jen says

      Hi Lin,

      Totally agree. It is much cheaper to get it from Amazon. I have tried this before but I didn’t like the taste of it.