Plump up those lips! Transformulas Ice Cool Lip Volume Review

There’s a few beauty things I don’t need, because I have plenty, which include:

1. Anything that enlarges the breasts

2. Anything that encourages brow growth

3. Anything that plumps the lips

So testing Transformula’s Lip Volume product is, I guess a bit odd. But I am a sucker for lip products; lip base, lip concealer, lip gloss….

And besides, Lip Volume comes in a posh box:


Everything is about the lip plumping these days isn’t it? I have no interest in it but I wouldn’t hold it against a great product either.

Here it is:#alttext#

This Transformulas Lip Volume comes in Ice Cool (peppermint) and Chocolate.

They say:

Lip Volume locks in moisture stimulating lips and boosting the natural collagen for bigger more beautiful lips. Affordable, needle-free and award winning with a unique formulation that works quickly to plump up and re hydrate your lips. Original Ice Cool not only looks but smells beautiful a perfect pout with minty freshness.


This product does remind me of a lip balm texture wise – it’s quite nice for the hydrating side of things and keeps things quite fresh due to the minty-ness! It’s a clear formula which works well as a slightly glossy finish lip balm.


I did notice that my lips looked fuller, not that they need to look any fuller and the product didn’t burn my lips or hurt like some other ones can. So thats a bonus. More than anything, I have been using this regularly as a lip balm because I like the texture – like a creamy liquid vaseline, and I like the scent.

On the lips:


See, it’s quite a healthy look!

So basically – it does plump the lips, on me it just looks slightly fuller but it may be more dramatic on thinner lipped ladies. I like it as a lip balm to be honest.

Video about the product:

Buy it here for £29.

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