Pin It Forward with Pinterest!

Today I am talking about Pinterest and how I am taking part in the Pinterest Pin it Forward  Campaign!

The Pin it Forward UK campaign involved 300 bloggers over 30 days from various genres sharing and introducing boards from other Pinterest-ers.  Here is a post about the kickoff!

I am quite new to Pinterest – I started using it to gather craft and crochet ideas as it was one of my newest hobbies.  It’s a great place to grab some good ideas and also patterns! I found that some of the best Pins are informative as well as just visual.  Now, whenever something new comes into my head, like party planning for decorating a new room I always go on to Pinterest first to gather images. 


Every time I log on I can generally find something useful that I need to pin (otherwise I know I won’t be able to find it again next time!). Do you use Pinterest? If so, how?  

Now, I would like to introduce the next Pinner, Karyn from Miss Thrifty – I’ve just spend an hour reading through her blog posts, they are amazing for money saving tips!  She will tell you why she loves Pinterest and you can follow her pins here. 

Pin It Forward UK 2013

You can join Pinterest and Follow Me here!



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  1. says

    Thanks for participating in Pin It Forward, Row! You have found amazing inspirations on Pinterest from fun craft projects, delicious food recipes, style & more! I love the Fairies in a Jar idea- great activity for kids! Lauren, Community Coordinator