Pigment Heaven!: Bellapierre Mineral Shimmer Powder Nine Stack Eyeshadows

Love pigments? Me too! As long as its easy to get to and I’m not spilling powder all over my sheets, then I’m happy.

I was pleased to find these Bellapierre Mineral Shimmer Stacks, which have 9 shades in one tall stack:


There are a few combinations – I choose Pandera, which has the darker, smoky palette – a mixture of greens, blue and browns.

No. 1: A warm gold olive:


See the rest of the stack!…2. A silvery ivy:


3. An emerald green:


4. A medium cocoa:

bellapierre shadow.jpg

5. A warm gold brown:

bellapierre eyeshadw.jpg

6. A purple-blue:


7. A grey silver:


8. A copper brown:


9. A dark chocolate gold brown:


Swatches (L-R):

bellapierre swatches.jpg

The stacker cost £59.99 – sounds steep but there are 9 colours in it and each pot is generously sized. I also think the colours are quite different (some of them have a slightly glittery texture, so you also get a variation there).

The pigments are as you expect – soft, finely textured, easy to apply. Its like having all your MAC pigments in one place, but at around £15, you’d only be able to buy 4 MAC piggies (I know, I have 70 of them!).

bellapierre swatch.jpg

If you love pigments, you must take a look. I have my eye on the Iris set, which is a collection of very bright pigments….

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