Philadelphia Chocolate: Yak or Yum?

Mr C has done a good job of keeping me fed lately since I’ve had weird food cravings, and last night he picked up some Philadelphia Cadbury’s Chocolate Spread for me.

In my head this totally works. Philadelphia is a neutral enough cheese to have with savoury or sweet topping so why shouldn’t chocolate work with it too?

I had this spread on plain white toast.

Verdict? It has a nice soft spreadable texture,then bam!! It’s sweet, it tastes chocolatey but a little artifical…then some salt comes through….ok I like salty chocolate, then it goes a bit bitter then the unmistakable tang of Philadelphia cheese.  It was a bit….odd.  Ok really odd. Cheese and salt and chocolate. I couldn’t finish my piece of toast and had a spoonful of Nutella to wipe the taste away.

But if you hate the nuttiness of Nutella, then I guess this is a good alternative?!

I want to know what you think of this stuff if you have tried it!?


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  1. says

    I saw this in the supermarket and wasn’t sure I could get my head round it. But then I remembered Mr Almond’s favourite food is cheddar on Jamaican ginger cake (it’s very very good). So I guess cheese and sweet does work – each to their own I guess. I don’t dare try this though! Maybe if they bring out an Extra Light version! :-) x

  2. says

    There has been a different brand of this in Europe for YEARS.. and no I dont think it works! Its a bit gross!

  3. says

    I love this stuff. Can’t believe I only found it existed a week ago. I had it smothered over toasted hot cross buns the other day and it was delicious. But Nutella remains the best chocolate spread out there imho- its the only one I’d eat with a spoon XD

  4. says

    I love stuff! I think it’s a healthier alternative to chocolate spread, its only 86 calories in a milk pot, and one milk pot has more than enough to spread on two pieces of toast :3
    It slides around your mouth then you get some delicious cadbury’s chocolate 😛 and it’s really light and i dont feel sluggish after eating it.
    And since i’m allergic to all nuts I’d die if i ate nutella, therefore i can’t compare it… but this is the one for nut allergy sufferers 😀

    Really nice blog btw, please check out my shared blog I’ve just started with my friend: Thankyou :) xx

  5. says

    why did they put salt in it? i am confused. 4 people told me it reminded them of chocolate cheesecake. i feel robbed and i want the truth 😛 x

  6. says

    Surely a substitute for Nutella, is just simply Chocolate spread?
    I don’t understand why they’d make chocolate cheese, unless you’re making a chocolate cheesecake, which requires cream cheese anyway, and possibly saves time adding chocolate/cocoa powder.

  7. Jen says

    Saw this on offer in ASDA, and my immediate thought was “Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!” but then thinking about chocolate and cheese, it’s basically along the lines of chocolate cheesecake isn’t it really, which I looooooove!
    Intrigued about your weird food cravings….are we talking weird like pickles dipped in ice-cream?!