Peripera Nail Polish ‘Perfume Enamel’ of the Day No. 1: P029 Luxury Red Swatch

Come ye, Come ye…for the next few days I will be swatching my Peripera nail polish haul to show you what these pretty, pretty varnishes look like!

I’ll get the facts out with this post!

Peripera is a fairly small beauty company from Korea! Their polishes is one of their big ranges and comes in this formula (perfume enamel) and a one coat quick finish formula.

The Perfume Enamel polishes come in this cute format with a cat as the lid!

Peripera Nail Polish Varnish Red P029

It’s quite a nice applicator too (thick brush) and easy to hold. The polish is quite thick and is techically supposed to be a one coat product (as you will see later, it depends on the colour! Some need 2 coats).

Promo shot:


This polish – once it has dried is perfumed. It smells like strong floral perfume and this fades over a day or so. Do not try and sniff the perfume when it is still in the pot – your nostrils will die as mine did.

Luxury Red is a really pretty true red with gold shimmer. I love it! It’s very christmassy. There was a time when red polish always seemed a bit slutty, a bit dirty but with a short neat nail, I think it looks lovely.

Peripera Nail Polish of the Day P029 Red 1

This is the only red I bought from the collection though – there is another one.

What do you make of Luxury Red and do you like the polishes?

* All Peripera is purchased by me and costs around £6.50 each.

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  1. says

    Great to see a smaller brand come up with a nice little products. When you do get a smaller company producing a slightly different bottle design, it almost feels like a more personal touch.