Perfect Peach! Nars Barbarella Lipstick

So Angelina looks divine in this photo, no? her lips look perfect and I have been lusting after a similar look and my favourite artist (weirdly enough) gives me peach lips when I was thinking peach in my head!

More of that makeover soon.

But I have found the most perfect peach:

It’s hot.  Isn’t it? It’s HOT. You know it.  I know it.  Its HOT.

Will use it for a look shortly.  But ooh its the kinda colour that gives me tingles!

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  1. just looking at the photo, even just the product itself, gives me chills..looks so PRETTY

  2. interesting! I must test out that colour this weekend to see if its pigmented enough for me :)

  3. Hey Nikki

    its hot isnt it! just one of those perfect looking shades!

  4. Hey Blu

    Well, I have found it fairly pigmented so far. The only thing is that it is a bit dry so I have to use a bit of balm underneath?