Perfect Nude Alert: Trish McEvoy Gorgeous Lip Collection Demure

I was on the Trish McEvoy counter a couple of weeks ago, buying a refill for my Python Palette when I spotted this to die for nude lipstick called Demure – part of the Demure Collection – of course!

You should never wag a nude lipstick under my nose when I’m at the till…I cannot control my urges.

Trish mcevoy gorgeous lip colour collection nude lipstick demure.jpg

So I paid £16 for this baby (or was it £18? Can’t remember) which is ok since all luxe lipsticks seem to be pushing the £20 barrier these days!

Trish McEvoy lipsticks come in a shiny tube – its nice although you will be fingerprint marks on it.

In the tube it looks more beige than it actually is:

trish mcevoy demure lipstick nude perfect .jpg

I just want to pitch this to you ladies as a possible perfect nude.
Nudes are not equal. You have pink nude lip colours, then you have beige nude lip colours.

You also get nude glosses to choose from!

On the lips:

Trish McEvoy Nude Lipstick Demure Gorgeous lipstick.jpg

I find this *one* of my perfect nudes because its neither too beige nor too pink. This is somewhere in between the two hues and its not too matte or too creamy or too glossy.

The texture is soft but I wouldn’t say its a cream lipstick.

The result is slightly glossy, plump lips – its an easy one to deal with because although I adore super creamy lip colours they take work.

With a thick creamy lipstick (like D&G’s cream lipsticks or YSL Rouge Volupte) its hard to care for and hard to not look psychotic (even when the shade in question is a nude).

Thus – this will be in my handbag make up bag for sure. For reference I have an olive NC35 complexion – bear this in mind as the best nude for you depends a lot on skintone.

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