Perfect Hair and Make Up for a Job Interview Look and Win £150 in Selfridges Vouchers! Featuring #JobAcademy

There’s no doubt that trying to get a new job, or just a job is tougher than ever.  Employers now have huge amounts of applicants for one role, so it really is worth doing your best to make a good impression in order to land the role.  If for nothing else, being well presented and feeling good about yourself always boosts your confidence.  

In partnership with the #JobAcademy, run by TotalJobs, I have chosen my top hair and beauty picks to help you prepare for an interview.  The perfect compliment to this post is Kat Byrne’s Job Interview Fashion Tips so you can get yourself prepped, head to toe! 

Skincare and Make Up 

Make up preferences is subjective and how you decide to do your interview make up depends on your comfort levels – if you feel naked without liquid eyeliner, then put it on, but more subtly, so you feel like yourself.  

Having said that, less is more – you don’t want your sparkly eyeshadow to be the talk of the interview.  You can of course avoid make up altogether, but there’s nothing wrong with making yourself more polished for the day. I once interviewed a girl with a big spot – I mean huge, ready to burst spot – on her chin and I just kept looking at it.  A spot of concealer (or extraction then concealer) would’ve made her look that little bit more polished (harsh, but true).  

Interview Woman

Prep your skin the night before with a brightening mask to fake that refreshed look with (1) Liz Earle’s Brightening Mask, which also works for sensitive skin (£14).

Make your skin look fresh and flawless; under eye concealer like L’Oreal True Match Touche Magic Concealer (2) which comes in 6 shades (£8.19). 

Mascara and a thin line of eyeliner makes your make up look fresh and pretty.  When it comes to your cheek and lips, a fresh peach or pink from a dual purpose product like my beloved (3) Stila Convertible colour (£16) is ideal for adding glow.  

A simple setting powder keeps shine at bay and make up in place. I adore (4) NARS setting powder (£25), but for a more affordable alternative, (5) ELF also do one (£3.75).

Don’t forget to check your teeth for lipstick – if you must eat before, remember to use a breath spray (6) and dental sticks (7) will get any bits of rocket from your teeth!


Interview hair is my kind of hair, because it’s about keeping it simple and clean.  You might think it’s a good time to get out the heated rollers, but do you really want to give the impression that you spend far too much time fussing over your appearance every day?

Job Interview Hair


Remember to wash your hair the night before if you have an early start.  Use something that smells nice and makes your hair look soft and shiny, like (1) Bumble & Bumble Let it Shine Shampoo & Conditioner (£18.50 and £20 each).

Keep styling products simple – sleek frizzy hair if that’s what you normally do, and keep flyways under control – I love the (2) John Frieda’s Flyaway Tamer (£10.99), as I have a tendency to look like I’ve slept face down (I don’t).

Long hair should ideally be pulled back or kept off the face.  Those giant hair buns that everyone has in their hair can look tacky (let’s be honest) but you can use a simple hair band or clip.  Try these comfy elastic bands from (3) Daniel Hersheson (a pack of 50 for £6.50), or some crocodile clips if you prefer to put it back down after the interview like these (4) Bulldog hair clips (a pack of 3 for £3.99 from New Look). 

If you lack confidence doing your hair, then how about getting a blow dry (if you have time) before the interview? Salons quite often offer cheap blow dries which take no more than 30 minutes -it’s a way to make sure you can relax beforehand and leave with super lovely hair for around £20. 

Scent and Nails

There’s nothing worse than having a panic attack induced by someone who has decided to bathe in their perfume.  Can they not smell?  Are they trying to hide the fact they don’t wash? Why?!

Nail tips interview

The best thing to do wear is long lasting deodorant which will keep B.O. and sweat at bay like (1) Sure Women Maximum Protection Anti Perspirant Deodorant Cream  (£5.30). 

If you must wear a scent, consider a body spray, which is lighter and fades to leave just a hint of scent. The Body Shop have a comprehensive range, and their (2) Body, Room and Linen sprays (£7) (Vanilla and Tonka Bean pictured) come in some nice blends, and can be used on clothing should you accidentally put on something that smell like last nights dinner.  

Long witchy nails, let’s face it, have their time and place. 99% of the time, that place is not at a job interview.  Chipped polish, uneven nails and bitten nails make anyone look unkempt so either wear a brightening polish like (3) Revlon Nail Brightener Base (£7.49) if you don’t want to risk visible chips, or wear neutral and make sure it’s freshly applied.  There are some lovely taupes around at the moment such as (4) Essie in Jazz. 

Of course if you are going for an interview somewhere bright and funky you may be able to wear something more fun.  If you are interviewing somewhere conservative or somewhere that involves say, food preparation, just leave the polish altogether.  

Win £150 in Selfridges Vouchers!

The following competition is for fellow bloggers; you can enter even if beauty and fashion isn’t your usual genre, and it doesn’t matter what blogging vehicle you use (ie. Tumblr, WordPress, Blogger etc.)  It doesn’t matter if you don’t post as frequently as other bloggers, you can take part too!

Entrants need to:

1. Create a post detailing your perfect interview make up look (you could include a picture of your look or just your trusted products etc.)

2. Include a link in your post back to the Total Jobs JobAcademy Portal here.

3. Submit the entry below via rafflecopter. 

Please see the terms and conditions outlined here. The lucky winner will be announced on this blog in 2 weeks time and then you can do some Christmas shopping down at Selfridges!  


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Good luck!

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    I went to a interview skills workshop last week, so this competition came at the perfect time for me. You’d think most of the things we’ve both mentioned would be common sense (like not overdoing the perfume), but sometimes the most obvious thing can be the hardest to remember.
    I’ve entered.
    Rubi x