Paulina Porizkova, shut your pie hole!

…not that she eats any pies, I’m sure.

As a big fan on ANTM (I get it a day later than you ladies in the US thanks to the powder of the net) and a big fan on the quiet beauty that is Katarzyna Dolinska.

I did like Claire at first, before she turned into a bully. Dominique may be annoying, but nothing annoys me more than girls that quickly form gangs and bully someone. Did you see her bump her face? The water is SHALLOW, darling, you do not free fall onto a sheet of plastic with a bit of water on it, its not a king sized bed.

Anyway, the lovely real beauty, Katarzyna was mocked a little by the panel yesterday because they just couldn’t pronounce her name.

KAT-R-GENAH. It’s not that hard, right?

So Mr J thinks its funny to all her Neutrogena. At that point I would have loved to have pulled his eyebrows off, but no, Katarzyna stood there and smiled politely.

That then Paulina-I-didn’t-even-know-who-you-were-untill-you-were-on-this-show Porizkova commented on her haircut (from long and dark to a bob), saying she no longer looked ‘tacky’ – it was something like, Eastern European Tackiness.

Now, now Paulina, just because you are both from the Eastern Bloc and she is a younger, prettier version there is no need to be a bitch. Katarzyna never did look tacky not even remotely with long or short hair!

Here is Paulina, the epitome of Klass –

Just because someone’s name as a X or a Z does not mean that it is hard to pronounce and even if it is, it is only courteous to learn how to. No one will mind if you get it wrong the first time but after 4 weeks?!?! Rude Rude Rude!

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  1. says

    I agree. I’ve just started watching it (here in the UK), and it’s not just the Eastern European trashiness comment, but there was also one about a Russian mail order bride. I was offended and I’m not even Eastern European. Horrible stereotypes, and she should know better!

  2. Row says

    Hi Letters From London

    Yes she should know better – maybe she had to deal with these sterotypes herself when she started out? Even so it seemed like such a cheap blow – Katarzyna is lovely!