Paul & Joe Eye Gloss Duo B Blue Horizon Collection; Smooth Sailing, Fathom, Depth Swatches and Review

Slowly but surely, Paul & Joe have been rehauling their make up.  They haven’t changed the actual exterior packaging (good) but they’ve been swapping over their eyeshadows, lipsticks, face products for some time.

Their classic eye glosses, which were so good and unique to Paul & Joe have changed to the Eye Gloss Duos….

Paul and Joe Eye Gloss Duo B

They say: Inspired by the summer sun and the ocean, these eye colours let you create a range of beautiful looks. Enriched with orange flower water and sunflower oil, they will condition and hydrate skin on application whilst giving a wash of shimmering colour. Two complementary colours with different textures let you create a range of looks, with a high quality formula that’s long wearing and easily applied.

The eye glosses are no longer one colour per tube – this is a good idea because I have never managed to finish off an eye gloss anyway and this way you get more variation per product. They are pretty small tubes though.

These are the special colours from the Blue Horizon range, therefore have a somewhat summery edge to them (yes I am that slow!):

Paul Joe Eye Gloss Duo B

I am a huge fan of the old Paul & Joe Eye glosses which is why I had to buy all three!

There’s also a permanent collection of eye glosses (about 5 choices I think) but I figured I’d get these as they are limited.

They are quite pigmented considering:

Paul Joe Eye Gloss Duo B Horizon Smooth Sailing Fathom Depth

01 – Smooth Sailing has a white with tons of multi coloured sparkle and a baby sea blue.

02 – Fatham has a peach and a deep silvery grey taupe shade, also lovely.

03 – Depth has a gold and a brightish orange, a bit ugly on the eyes.

As always, these eye glosses smell beautiful; I dislike scented make up a lot, but I have always had a soft spot for these; its a really light, fresh floral sweet smell.

You can build up the colour quite easily and these are more pigmented than the previous model.

You can also blend the lighter shades out to create a shimmery base OR apply on top of shadow to add that glossy effect.

The texture I think, is very similar to the previous eye glosses, but takes slightly longer to dry which is generally a good thing. I found with the old version, once it dried, it was done which means if you were distracted for a moment, you’d have a glittery streak across your eyelid.

These are more pigmented too and buildable.

Paul Joe Eye Gloss Duo B Blue Horizon Collection Smooth Sailing Fathom Depth Swatches and Review

02 Fathom is my favourite one of the three.

Paul Joe Eye Gloss Duo B Blue Horizon Collection Smooth Sailing Fathom Depth Swatches and Review 1

I have noticed that these eye glosses crease. The previous version, whilst it dried rather quickly, tended to set and that was it, it would stay in place all night.  The newer eye gloss duos have a tendency to crease quite quickly, even though it doesn’t feel as drying as the previous, this is still a big issue, because it creases ugly.
Wen I say crease ugly, I mean it really settles into the crease leaving a deep dark line of gathered make up. Yuk. This means I have tried powdering on top which helps but I liked how easy and steadfast the old one was.
Paul Joe Eye Gloss Horizon Ingredients
Additionally, the previous eye glosses (I owned all of them) were beautiful light, multi faceted, ethereal colours.  The new ones hold more pigment but miss that lovely fairly like sparkle of the old ones.
Having said that – they were due a change, and I don’t have much negative to say about these new duos. I will say that I am not inspired to buy any more because there are no real knockout shades to choose from.
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  1. Jen says

    Awww shame about the old ones, I never got round to ordering any of the older ones, and now by the sounds of it I don’t think I will bother with the new ones (can’t be dealing with ugly creasing!)