Paul & Joe Sweetie Pallette 02

I spotted a bargain at – the Paul & Joe Sweetie palette reduced to £12.  (Before I carry on I dislike Asos intensely for their crap returns policy and the immense possiblities their clothes come in.  I do look cos I like the styling of their outfits and they have nice accessories).

So ASOS are stocking Paul & Joe!  I love the brand but it seems like a waste of time to me – there are a few other sites in the UK like Beauty Bay and HQ hair that also sell Paul & Joe but its never anything that up to date.  All the really cool Japan stuff (like the disney collection).  But I digress…

Sweetie Palette 02 –

Reminds me of the Clarins palette – this one has a metalic dark blue, a light pink and matte hot pink.

This is a really cute palette.  The darkest shade is the prettiest – a midnight blue with silvery highlights.  The metallic soft pink is a nice easy to use shade and the hot pink is also nice but has less impact than the blue.

I like this palette – its a fun one, and you could easily use it for a smokey eye or for just a pop of colour.  The texture is pigmented and very smooth although I recommend a primer for full lasting powder.

I like!

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