Paul & Joe perfect for Christmas!

Paul & Joe’s Christmas collection has got me running round in circles.  It’s STUNNING.

I love Paul & Joe’s eye gloss completely. They have been reformulated – can you IMAGINE?!

I am even loving the look of the red lipsticks, and the eye pencils.  The loose powders I don’t know – I have around 60 MAC pigments, do I use them? Nada.

Enjoy –

You can strangle me now, because I’m mentioned Christmas in October.  What can I do! Everywhere I look there’s gift wrap and bows everywhere!!!

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  1. says

    I love P&J products! and no worries about mentioning Christmas, October is near to December! LOL And I love this season! :)

  2. Row says

    Hey Nikki!

    I noticed today at the vets, the christmas presents for cats have already been released so its definately the season to be jolly!