Paul & Joe Disney Collection…

..should be here, in my arms. But it isn’t. Why?


Ok not all of them. Just 99%. I think I get enough packages to safely say that now without feeling like I am generalizing. I know the directions to Parcelforce, Interlink, Citylink, Parceline, Amtrak, TNT depots off the back of my hand. Why? Because they DON’T DELIVER LIKE THEY SHOULD! I always have to go and collect, normally on a dark, wet evening, just for a spotty faced teen to hand me a crumpled, mashed up parcel.

(Oh apart from Fedex. Haven’t had any trouble with them…)

Anyway, with the Paul & Joe, I waited around all day, and of course they didn’t deliver. So I kept tracking and tracking (depot shuts at 7pm) so I kept checking until it got to 6.58pm and finally the info was updated online and my parcel had been delivered to PETER….who?


On a lighter note, here is Zhang Ziyi looking like a cross between a cup cake and a disney princess (cover your ears):

Check out 2.52 – Lip Sync-ing!! I haven’t seen anything like it since the day Megan (my 7 year old cousin) rapped to Gimmie Some More by Busta Rhymes. It sounded like,


“That’s not rapping, child, you’re just moving your lips quickly.”

Anyway its nice to see Ziyi smile and flutter her lashes instead of pulling the sulky face all the time. You know, the lip quiver.

Should I be able to find out who Peter who kindly signed for my parcel is, I shall surely be showing off the rather lovely Paul & Joe Disney Face Colours to you tomorrow. If I can’t then…there will be hell to pay…

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  1. Mable says

    Hi! I love your blog. I’ve only “discovered” it a month ago and have been following it almost daily now. I really appreciate your humour and informative posts. Plus…love the frequent updates! ^_^

    Anyhow, I just wanted to say that I really hate most postal deliver services. Even if there is online tracking, they take so long to update it. What’s more is that they let anyone recieve your package. *grumble* I really hope you find your P&J stuff soon. I’d be super frustrated if I’ve been looking forward to getting it for so long.

    Also…Zhang ZiYi looks way too overly made up in the vid..hahah. Loving her smile, but not the makeup. What a dress too…if back in the days I had worn that to my prom, I’d probably knock everyone over. Hahahaha.

  2. Row says

    Hi Mable

    Thanks so much for your compliments! :)

    I still haven’t got my P & J. I spent the day calling round the post offices and NONE of them have it. I am going to spend one more day looking, then I am going to file a complaint/compensation.

    Yeah! the dress is awfullllll unles you are playing a disney princess, no? bad call!

  3. Vanessa says

    I hate some delivery companies too! USPS said my package was delivered according to the tracking and it never got delivered! 2 months later it shows up at my door. ugh.

  4. Lea says

    Hey Rowena,

    Talk about being annoyed…2 days ago I was waiting for delivery of items I ordered over the weekend. I place order from the same company every weekend and it takes 2 days(3 at the most) to deliver. When my package didn’t arrive the second day I knew it was bound to arrive the day after. So patiently I waited. To my surprise I come home on day 3 to a note stuck at my door saying “delivery attempted”. ARRRGH I was so upset! I don’t know if we have a new UPS-guy in our area because they used to always leave my boxes by the back door. So this time I stuck a note on top of his note that read “UPS: PLEASE ALWAYS leave packages by the back door”. Guess what I got the day after? The UPS guy wrote on my note: “sign your note!”. Funny coz I did sign his original notice. Cut the long story short, I got my items and I’m living happily ever after…or until he upsets me again!

  5. Row says

    Lea –

    That’s funny! “sign your note” I would be so annoyed!

    I FINALLY got my package. I had to search far and wide and ther is was, powder nicely crushed up. Annoying to the extreme…sigh….

  6. MandyPandy says

    Ugh! Zhang Ziyi! I kept praying Gong Li would appear out of nowhere and throttle the daylights out of Ziyi. She’d sneak up on Zhang in a puff of pink smoke; bitch wouldn’t know what hit her. All hail Gong Li!