Paul & Joe Disney Collection in the US

Remember when we all died over the Paul & Joe Disney collection and cried when we couldn’t get our hands on it?

Well you lucky US ladies will be getting a second chance to buy it this November.

Mmmm it still makes me smile after all this time.

Here’s the info:

Face Color B:  for a soft and subtle shimmer, highlight cheeks with Face Color B infused with Paul & Joe’s signature Secret D’or for varying quantities of sheer luminosity in easy-blend hues that complement every skin tone.  Comes with a powder puff that is as cute as the packaging. Available in two shades:
•    Classical Pink (Flower)
•    Fantasy Orange (Bambi)

Price: $36.00

Milky Lip Treatment (Marie the Cat from Aristocats):  treat your lips with an infusion of hydrating sunflower and jojoba oil to replenish lost moisture for an irresistibly moist pout. Tinted pink for a subtly flirtatious glow.

Price: $18.00
Protective Hand Cream (Lady from Lady and the Tramp):  this orange flower-scented hand cream with peach essence locks in moisture with jojoba oil and hyaluronic acid to protect hands 24/7.

Price: $24.00

Availability: November 2008 at Bergdorf Goodman, (800) 558-1855

You know that if you didn’t get it thr first time round, this is the time for your husband to prove his worth.  Ooh and how cool would this be as a Christmas present?  Not sure if there are any buying limits though – but get your name down if you want one, don’t buy one for treble the price on Ebay *tuts*.

Both of the face colours are gorgeous and will last forever.  The lip balm and hand cream are so cute too – can you bring youself to use it though?  Whenever I’m in doubt I tend to get two, one for using, the other for staring and generally cooing over.

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