Paul & Joe Clair De Lune Collection: Face & Eye Colour in Silvery Moon

I talked about this gorgeous collection from Paul & Joe a while ago, and I finally got something from it to play with.

Their Face & Eye Colour comes in three colour combinations, I was sent Silvery Moon to try.

It comes in this beautiful clear box:


What do I hate? Cardboard packaging. But I like this – why? It’s compact. Yes the lid is cardboard but there is superfluous material like tons of card around the powder. This is how to do cardboard packagin!

It comes with some elastic to hold it together. Each powder comes with its own unique design, this one has a paisley one:


Silvery Moon is not the one I would’ve chosen for myself because to me, it’s the one you are least likely to use as a eye AND face powder…

Obviously because of the blues, it’s not something you’d want as a blush! Although you could mix the other end of the powder (silver, yellow) to use as a highlighter if you don’t mind the sparkle.

It is, really gorgeous though:


My next issue is pigmentation. I have a little Paul & Joe collection and I find that the dual face and eye powders tend to be on the sheer side. This powder surprised me because it’s incredibly pigmented! Sometimes these stripy powders don’t pack much of a punch when swatching the individual shades, but these totally do:


It’s a very sparkly powder – I like this, you might not if you don’t like metallic super shimmer powders.

On the eye:





What a gorgeous powder! I wasn’t too sure because of the cardboard and the colours but the packaging is just lovely and the powder is highly pigmented, soft and easy to use. I absolutely want the bronze and pink versions now! Totally recommend them and they are Limited edition!

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  1. baby in a corner says

    I like this – but its not something I’d buy most likely!

    How do you get your eyebrows sooo neat – with no stray hairs in sight!

  2. liloo/tsunimee says

    umm, not a hit for me.
    love the ‘sun’ design once you’ve opened the box, but
    pigmentation still leaves to be desired and paisley design doesnt agree with me

  3. mint says

    I love the colors! 😀 although not a big fan of the packaging, the cardboard’s ok for me but the elastic band seems tacky.