Paul & Joe Alice in Wonderland Limited Edition Collection Tin on Sale at ASOS!

The extremely cute Paul & Joe Alice in Wonderland collection is now on sale in the UK at ASOS!

There are two sets – the designs vary as does the lip treatment stick included. Both sets include a limited edition tin, lip treatment, blotting powder and a refill. It costs £25 per set.

Set One, FANTASY that contains 001 Sweet Milky Pink:

paul & joe alice in wonderland-2.jpg

This is set 2,Day Dream which would be my choice:

paul & joe alice in wonderland-1.jpg

This contains a lip treatment stick in 002 Cute Milky Orange, blotting paper, refill and a collectable tin with a blue design and Alice on the front.

Off the top of my head, P&J lipsticks are about £14 and the blotting paper is about £10 and the refills are £2 which means the tin is kind of free.

Which will I be buying?

Well none. Its too cute for me, and I promised myself I wouldn’t buy anymore make up thats too gorgeous to use. Sigh.

UPDATE: I lied, I ordered set two. I’m going to reuse the tin for storing my Ritalin gummy bears.

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  1. says

    They’re so cute!
    I was working out the prices individually to see if it was worth it too and plus it’s limited edition lol ^^
    Yeah i’m going to order set 002 aswell…
    Are you going to see the film?