Paul & Joe Alice in Wonderland Collection in Day Dream Review

I told myself I wouldn’t buy anything else too pretty because I wouldn’t be able to use it but I broke that rule – yep – for this – the Paul & Joe Alice in Wonderland Collection for 2010.

saupload_alice_in_wonderland.jpg (JPEG Image, 400x310 pixels).jpg

This comes in two variations – Day Dream 02 (peach) and Fantasy 01 (pink). I got Day Dream.

Here it is:

Paul & Joe alice and wonderland kit.jpg

The tin is beautiful – but big. Much bigger than I thought it would be (I wanted to use it for business cards) but its more like a notecard or wallet sized thing.

I put a lipstick next to it so you get an idea about size:

Paul & Joe Alice in Wonderland Kit Limited Edition.jpg

So you get the blotting papers and the lipstick in cardboard packaging.

Paul & Joe Alice in Wonderland Set.jpg

I don’t really use blotting papers that much but these ones are ok and the refills are quite affordable too. When I’m on holiday there’s a lot more use for blotting sheets not so much whilst my skin is so dry.

The lip product – its not a lipstick, more of a tinted lip balm. There’s nothing to it if I’m honest:

Paul & Joe Alice in Wonderland Kit.jpg

Its not pigmented or anything like that – for me no need to start using this so it will go in my collectors drawer (can you imagine how big that is? Well, its big!):

Paul & Joe Kit Alice in Wonderland Lip Balm.jpg

Overall, I think £25 is not a bad price for this set. Its so cute and the balm and blotting sheets are both nice basic items to have although I think the last Disney collection Paul & Joe did (yes, thats in the collectors drawer too!) with the blusher pearls and milky lip balm was a bit more exciting.

What do you think? Did you or would you indulge in this kit?

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