Pants on Fire? Kylie uses cold cream and Kim Kardashian has never had surgery

A while ago I asked if you felt that celebrities that endorsed beauty products should truly use the line they are promoting (rather than sneaking off for gold leaf facials or whatever it is they do).

Then more celebrity revelations.

Kylie states that she has given up Botox and uses Pond’s Cold Cream instead (around £3.99) to keep herself looking youthful. My nan uses Cold Cream. I quite like Cold Cream. It isn’t my staple though – not by a long shot.

Kylie certainly looks great for 42, with a great figure and hair to boot, but I think there is definitely a certain tight-skin-botoxed look that is floating around that looks horribly forced…


Its this look with the skin that has been injected and pulled so much that it looks shiny and tight, totally plastic, almost uncomfortable, and is what Charlie Brooker calls the “formica face”.

Its the weird crinkles they get on the cheek and upper lip when it can’t move the muscles anymore because of the botox. You can pull the face as tight as you like but your hands, your neck, even your eyes won’t match…

Anyway – what do you think about Kylie’s claim? Do you believe she’s given up Botox and has never had any work done?

Then there is Kim Kardashian, no doubt a beautiful girl who says she uses Botox but has never had surgery:#alttext#

(image: from

Kim says:

“I’m totally not against plastic surgery. I’ve tried Botox before. That’s the only thing that I’ve done. I’ve never had my nose done.”

Hey at least the girl is honest about being quite positive about plastic surgery but has she really left her nose alone?


(image: from

At the end of the day – people can do whatever they like to their faces and if they feel the result outweighs the cost and risks then that’s their choice.

Also, in the case of celebrities, the pressure to look good must be immense.

However – when a celebrity denies that they’ve had cosmetic surgery when it seems quite obvious that they have had work done, is this bad for normal women’s self esteem?

If they are denying that they have had surgery, then promoting a brand or product as the “miracle” fix (not specifically Kylie but I can think of a few celebrities that have done this recently) isn’t that just false advertising?

Discuss, debate, dance dance dance…..

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  1. says

    My nan uses Cold Cream = lol.
    Rumour goes that kylie was ‘smart’ enough to start botox before the wrinkles started to appear. Other rumours say she had had some kind of eye surgery which tends to lift the the outer corner of the eye upwards which i want to believe into as the left eye (from the way i see it) is very slanted upwards. Celebrities like any other people should be allowed to lie to people about having anything done. But in this case, they should not be allowed to do adverts other than perfumes or lashes and stuff, does it make sense?

  2. says

    what’s wrong if you did the process of botox ? as long as you feel beautiful and happy right? just do what your heart said and stay confident on what you are doing..:)

  3. liloo says

    @daphne nothing wrong with botox. what is wrong is pretending to use a cream at £3 to make you stay young, whilst it’s the botox in reality which helped keeping the wrinkles at bay…

  4. says

    I get so frustrated when I see celebrities doing commercials for drugstore brand products. My mind goes straight to – “are you really even using it? if not, why even promote it?” I think that it is a form of false advertising. Drives me nuts! Gah!

  5. says

    Oh oh, it hurts… Man, they are VERY stretched. KM looks like an old breakable mask or a bad CGI sci-fi character. KK is an inflatable doll and also looks like she has gone whiter. I am not a specialist of course, and cannot assure anything about their statements (have had or have not), but they sure look to me as if they did something that ultimately altered their original features. Kudos to them if that makes them happy. I just think they look weird and unnatural, but hey, who am I to judge. To each their own.
    Agree with the girls about the ads. Very deceiving alright. It should be prevented. I would not say “forbidden” here because, then again, they can lie and there is no way to prove anything. Like the Botox issue for that matter. But it sounds cynical to say the least.