Palty Bubble Foam Hair Dye Swatch No. 9: Milk Tea Brown

Over the next 10 days I will be featuring some hair swatches of Palty Foam Hair Dyes I managed to get hold of!  You can use these as a guide as to how the hair colour should turn out although it will also depend on your current hair condition, colour etc.

To read more about my Dariya Palty Hair Dye experiences read here and here.

Milk Tea Brown is probably (and I am guessing!) the most popular shade in the Palty Hair Dye range. If any colour is always sold out, it is this one. I can see why:

Palty milk tea brown

Saying Milk Tea Brown is really satisfying. I love Milk Tea. Milk Tea is a different thing in Asia that it is in the UK, where tea is generally milky anyway!

Milk Tea Brown is a beautiful light brown, a caramel sort of shade with no reds and not too ashy either. It is gorgeous but you need to lighten up the hair before applying it:

Palty Bubble Foam Hair Dye Swatch No 9 Milk Tea Brown

It reminds me of doll hair – it’s almost like a shade that you can’t find on a real human head.

There’s a golden tone to the brown without being brassy or orange:

Palty Bubble Foam Hair Dye Swatch No 9 Milk Tea Brown 1

I have used this dye before and once again, it doesn’t reach this colour AT ALL unless you are willing to bleach before hand. It will also fade within a few weeks.

Having said that – I got this kind of result…in a salon of course.

Palty Bubble Foam Hair Dye Swatch No 9 Milk Tea Brown 2

What do you think of Milk Tea Brown?

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  1. says

    Nom, that’s exactly the colour I was trying to achieve ten years ago, when I first went lighter than my natural medium brown. I ended up with what I then referred to as carrot blonde, but I really liked that colour, too. I may even have kept up the weird orange for a few months. 😉

    • Row says

      Hi Cucumpear

      I have been an odd orange before and been blind to it until years after, seeing photos of myself and thinking – ehhh!!!!!!!