Palty Bubble Foam Hair Dye Swatch No. 4: Custard Beige

Over the next 10 days I will be featuring some hair swatches of Palty Foam Hair Dyes I managed to get hold of!  You can use these as a guide as to how the hair colour should turn out although it will also depend on your current hair condition, colour etc.

To read more about my Dariya Palty Hair Dye experiences read here and here.

Whoops – didn’t we see Custard Beige already? Sorry but I mixed the photos up! Custard Beige was actually Caramel Sauce which is browner than Custard Beige which as you will see is pretty orange/yellow.

Palty Custard Beige

This colour is the closest to the Gyaru type colour (quite a bright orangey blonde type shade). It’s the brightest of the whole collection.

Having said that without a doubt you will need to lift your hair (if it is dark) before you use this dye if you want the full effect.  It is too orange for me but it’s a cute colour.

Palty Caramel Brown Custard Beige Hair Dye

The name custard beige works well doesn’t it?!  For an orange it sure is pretty:

Palty Custard Sauce Caramel Hair Dye Foam

I am trying to imagine this all over your head and it makes a statement especially on Asian skintones.  Is there a touch of redhead in there? I think so.

Palty Hair Dye Caramel Sauce

What do you think of Custard Beige?
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    • Row says

      Hi Phyrra

      In all honesty it probably works the same or lighter in the sense that I feel like with a traditional home dye it really covers every single cuticle so the colour is quite deep (if you like that). A foam dye can almost permanently tint the hair so it isnt so strong (depends on the preference really) so for me it works (also less harsh on the scalp) tho I wouldnt say it was better, just different and so easy to use x