Palty Bubble Foam Hair Dye Swatch No. 3: Dark Ganache

Over the next 10 days I will be featuring some hair swatches of Palty Foam Hair Dyes I managed to get hold of!  You can use these as a guide as to how the hair colour should turn out although it will also depend on your current hair condition, colour etc.

To read more about my Dariya Palty Hair Dye experiences read here and here.

Dark Ganache sounds yummy doesn’t it? This colour is lovely, it’s a beautiful medium-dark brown (dark by the Palty standards) and it’s ashy based. I find ash based home colours wash out very quickly on me!Palty Dark Ganache

This is the new packaging (you can see there is a cup in the corner of the box which is the new method Palty are using).

Dark Ganache is one of those colours I’d use once my hair has gone a bit orange and brassy and I want it to be a rich brown instead! Palty Dark Ganache Hair Dye

The hair on the swatch and the packets are really similar; I think the swatches are pretty accurate although it depends on what type of hair you are working with. I’d love to have virgin hair and start again!
Palty Dark Ganache Hair Dye 1

I have tried Dark Ganache before, I remember it being non-outstanding but also non-problematic which is more than can be said for other home dyes. I do remember it fading quite quickly.

Palty Dark Ganache Hair Dye 2

What do you think of Dark Ganache?

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