Palladio Rice Paper Powdered Blotting Tissues Review

As the weather heats up, people get sweaty and oily – you know its true.

I find myself shining a little too much when the weather picks up so I am always testing out new blotting sheets. Its easier to use than powder sometimes because if you’re not careful, you end up with 10 layers of make up on your face.

Not a nice look.

So I was pleased to get my mitts on these Palladio Rice Paper Blotting Tissues:

rice paper.jpg

I kind of like the retro design – reminds me of old school Chinese adverts where the ladies were drawn in this fashion.

This blotting powder also comes in shades:

Beauty Naturals | Palladio Cosmetics - Rice Paper Tissues.jpg

Mine are translucent, and you get 40 in a pack!

Palladio Rice Paper Oil Absorbing Sheets.jpg

Its definitely a handbag friendly size to use.

The Matte side (without powder) is for blotting to absorb the excess oils and the Powdered side is for finishing. The overall effect it matte, soft looking skin – its not unnatural at all and I guess, the finish looks lightly powdered.

Rice Paper Oil Blotting Sheets-1.jpg

The sheets pull out in a tissue box manner, and yes, they are easy to use and one sheet is enough for my t-zone.

Does it last? Yes it does – I don’t need to use this more than once a day I find and its as effective as any other blotting sheet I have.


rice paper, titanium dioxide, rice starch, methylparaben, fragrance, iron oxide colours.

Recommended for anyone who is fond of blotting away the oily skin – will work for very oily skin too because the rice powder is so absorbent.

These cost £4.50 from Beauty Naturals.

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  1. says

    great review i love these! might try these ones out. Used to use Blotting sheets at school all the time..shiny not a good look :)