OUCH! Sexylook Byebye Blackhead Removal and Pore Cleanser Kit Review

This extremely random kit is from Taiwan and is a pore cleanser and blackhead removal kit.  These kits are extremely popular in Asia – I have purchased quite a few 3 pieces sets that have a sebum softener, a mask and finishing essence that tightens the pores.

This one is from a brand called Sexylook and features strawberries! Why?! THe blackhead look is known as the ‘strawberry nose’.

This 3 piece set contains a sebum softener, a mask that contains straverry polyphenol and a essence:

Sexylook blackhead remover

The process is as follows:


1. Apple the sebym softener – massage for 2-3 minutes. Rinse off.

2. Apply the sebum mask – this is gorgeous and smells of strawberries! Let it dry – it takes 20-30 mins. Pull it from from the bottom upwards, towards the hair.

3. Apply the refining serum.

Sexylook Blackhead Removal 1

In total you will spend about 40 minutes on this set. It’s not bad as you can just get on with things when the mask is on,

Does this work? Kind of. I noticed it pulled some blackheads out but not that many – just about as much as a pore strip.

Does it leave the skin feeling smoother? Yes! It does feel smoother and cleanser however – this is a big however – it hurts like a motherfu***r to pull out.

Sexylook blackhead pore removal kit 1

Don’t be fooled by its pink appearance or the soft strawberry smell. No. This stuff is like glue – the white stuff you had at primary school but it is EVIL, pure evil to pull off.

It absolutely hurt me so much and my skin was red afterwards from it. It felt sore and tender too – OUCH. This is for people with skin that’s tough, quite oily, and can put up with this kind of treatment.  It is NOT for sensitive skinned girls.

If you are mad about something and feel like punishing someone, apply this to their face and tell them it’s ‘relaxing’.

Anyway I hated this and I’m too scared to use it again. I’ll reserve it for someone who could do with some torturing instead. Like Mr C.

I bought this from eBay for about £12.50 with shipping.

What beauty treatments cause you pain!?

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  1. says

    Ooh, sounds like Boscia Black Mask on me. Except that one smells like butt instead of strawberries. Looks pretty funny when you have it on, though ^o^//

  2. says

    LOL I’ve never heard you use such language! I’m quite sadistic with my skin – I feel as though the more something hurts, the better it’s working! So maybe this is one for me to try!

  3. says

    I’m sorry, but your post made me laugh! I’ve never been one to use pore strips for the ouch factor and will stay away from this!

  4. says

    LOL this made me LOL literally! call me crazy but id try it out! it doesn’t sound as horrible as a black head treatment i had once in a random salon, they steamed my nose and then used that blackhead removing tool, the little steel pin looking thing? you know that thing.. lol. well the lady pressed down on my nose bloody hard it was crazy. the pain was almost unbearable, she really was squeezing the crap out of my nose and try to get everything out and i thought to myself, just suck it up because without pain, there is no gain! afterwards my nose was redder than rudolphs but it was completely black head free except for one tiny little mishap! she had literally dug a HOLE in my nose! on the right nostril exactly the place where you would wear your nose ring there was a big fat HOLE, I’m not even joking! it’s like she dug down so hard she totally enlarged my pore! it was like having a dent in my nose and then because it was summer and the weather was worse than it is in the mohave my face was sweaty and grubby all the time and i ran out of my liz earle cleanser so i couldnt even cleanse properly and so it started to fill up with sebum and was filled with gunk even though i tried to wash it every few ours and keep it cleaned. I had to travel soon after so skincare was neglected completely and my nose had the biggest most horrid blackhead of my life that just wouldn’t come out no matter what i did and then one day i got so sick of the grossness i tried tweezing it out and tried ten million things on it for hours until i finally managed to get it out and it had roots, SO DISGUSTING! and my big enlarged pore was back so then i had to worry about keeping it clean so it wouldn’t happen again. So i stocked up on liz earle and didn’t wear any makeup on my nose for almost a month and literally cleansed my nose every few hours using liz earle and using toner all the time and just cleaning out any buildup on a daily basis. i swear it took my three months of aftercare to get that thing sorted and down to a normal pore size. So i’m sure these strips couldn’t have been as bad as my experience, at least they pull your black heads out and don’t dig holes into your skin to do it! apologies for the gory details and the length of this comment but it just had to be done, lol!

    • Row says

      Hi abeer!

      Ok ok your account really made me chuckle – but seriously what kind of facial is that!!!!!!!!!! Jesus! Sexy look hurt, it really hurt, but no its not as bad as a salon. I was at a salon which I shall not name a while ago, and the b – i -t – c- h- was doing some extraction and it hurt SO BAD. I had to suck it up – you have to in a salon – but I ended up with big scabs on my face. IN all honesty I don’t beieve that salon extractions are always better – I’ve had some serious scabs because of it, at least when I do it at home I can gague my own pain levels and work with it!

      You sound dedicated to skin! I couldn’t go and clean out my face every few hours!!!

  5. says

    lol yes i guess you can say that, i like to look after my skin! especially when my nose is infested with a massive chunk of gunk! lol, i think i should do a post about this on my blog!

  6. Laura says

    I was wondering how much this product is in U.S. money i am interested in the product was reccomended by a youtuber about this product..
    Please let me know….
    You can either email me or message me on FB which would be better because im on FB more
    Laura Lee is my name on FB

    • Row says

      Hi Blair

      I have to say the subsequent tries was not as bad but I think it was because it had killed all my nerve endings x

  7. June Lay says

    How I can get it? Where I can bought blackhead removal ? I want to use . I want to known it brand name & how can get where can buy. Phone number please. I am Yangon. It brand have in yangon . please reply my email.