Organic Fragrance? Acorelle Tea Garden Energizing Eau De Parfum Review

At first it is a little easy to not give Acorelle a second glance; this scent in simple packaging (box and bottle) doesn’t look like anything particularly special, but with further investigation reveals a few interesting facts about the brand! 

Acorelle hails from France and is the one of the world’s first certified organic fragrances.  Each perfume (and the range is quite large) contains ‘natural’ raw ingredients, that is, they avoid many of the synthetic chemicals found in regular perfumes…

Acorelle Tea Garden Energizing Eau De Parfum

The list goes that Acorelle scent has: 

  • No nitrated musks, no phthalates, no parabens, no phenoxyethanol, no synthetic colouring agents and no antioxidants
  • No synthetic emollients or synthetic oils and no synthetic fragrance materials
  • No pesticides, chemical fertilizers, GMOs, radioactivity, heavy metals, nitrates
  • No raw materials of animal origin

Impressive? I think so, and certainly for those who have sensitivities to traditional fragrance, this could be a brilliant product. Now more on the scent I have…

I was matched to ‘Tea Garden’ due to my love of scents with a ‘tea’ base.  I can’t explain it; it’s like the smell of slightly musky burnt leaves I like, I haven’t found it in many perfumes but I know it when I smell it. 

Tea Garden by Acorelle is an energising scent, and contains lemon, bergamot and mint – there’s also a floral aspect (which I tend to like) from Florentine iris and a woody chord with patchouli, cedar and Gaiac wood. 

Here’s the packaging; as you can see it’s quite simply looking compared to other perfumes on the market but given it’s background, i think it makes sense for the brand. 

Tea Garden for me (please do excuse my descriptions, I am not a perfume aficionado) was extremely lemony on first spray – there was almost an air freshener like quality to it which made me back off.  After an amount of time passed, that first quite basic, tangy scent faded quickly to reveal a much nicer, softer, elegant gardeny-fresh-zingy scent.  I have to say it’s not what I had in mind when I thought of a tea scent (my favourite tea like scent is from Molton Brown – I love this one so so so much, it has more warmth than Tea Garden) but it’s still quite nice; very fresh and perfect for Spring. 

It lasted fine on me, for around 6+ hours. 

Acorelle Tea Garden Energizing Eau De Parfum 1

To be honest I would definitely check out more Acorelle scents because it is a cool organic product but I’d try a scent from a totally different perfume group/family, probably something like Vanilla or Amber. I tend to find those type of scents quite safe regardless of the brand! 

Additionally, this perfume does contain alcohol (I say this because some people may think it doesn’t contain it due to it being organic) but I do tend to go red for a little while after I’ve sprayed perfume, but it didn’t happen with this one so maybe that’s because it’s free from a lot of nasties. 

This is currently £23.60 from Marks & Spencer. There are lots of scents on there if Tea Garden isn’t to your taste. 


*PR Sample.

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