Orange, Peach, Red, Beige in one! Lunasol Coloring Cheeks Blusher Review

Lunasol is a high end Japanese brand that rarely gets it wrong – quality and innovation they have in equal mix.

I was sent a Lunasol blusher of my choice to try – my usual choice errs toward the side of beige/gold/peach so I went for something with an intriguing name instead – Reddish Beige.

Reddish beige?!


Lunasol Coloring Cheeks comes in two parts (a lot of Japanese brands do this) – one side is the empty case and the other is the powder. Therefore you can keep the case and change the colours in the future if you wish.

Note: This means you have to buy the case separately – this applies for a lot of the Japanese foundations that come in cases too.


The Coloring Cheeks set comes with a deep colour, a mid tone then a highlighter. You can use it on its own or swirled together.

Reddish Beige is an absolutely gorgeous colour. Beautiful.


The deepest side is a mixture of pale red, orange and a hint of peach. It’s like the perfect summery shade – it’s not as subtle as a pale peach but it’s not so dark that it overwhelms you. It’s like a peach with a tan.

The two lighter sides create a subtle highlight when swirled into the blusher.

I also like the brush that comes with the compact! I usually hate these kind of brushes, but this one is quite full and soft.


I like how pigmented but sheer this product is; it definitely shows up on my medium skintone but it feels like its quite hard to over apply.

It’s also free of any glitter which is good – I’m quite anti chunky glitter at the moment so this one is perfect.

On the cheek:


Love this blush! Next time I will try something like a cool pink.

You can buy it here.

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