Orange Make Up: Lavshuca Melting Eye & Moist Melting Rouge Lipstick Haul

Lavshuca was once my favourite brand, ever, but in the last 2 years or so, the products have really slipped. The range still looks lovely, the products are good, but not as amazing as they once were.

Nevertheless, I always give things a chance! I purchased their new Melting Eye Eyeshadow Palette and a Moist Melting Rouge lipstick – both in Orange (OR1) to try out.

The packaging, as always, is lovely:


This palette, OR1 definitely has a soft orange look to it but it’s hardly a bright, bold zesty hue. Nope – in typical Japanese style, the colours are soft, slightly shimmery, wearable.

I admit – the wacky side of me that can’t stop buying daft things wanted something bolder. Oh well.


The texture of these eyeshadows is so-so. Well, it IS very soft – never hard or chalky, but there is a distinct lack of pigment. I get that this is probably what Lavshuca wanted for a soft, sheer effect but I just wanted more oomph.

Also note that all four shades are similar – where’s my contour and lining colours?
The colours aren’t matte or glittery – they’re somewhere inbetween, a soft sheeny type finish. All the colours have the same finish.

When swatched, the colours do look pretty – sheer, but pretty. You can see the colours err towards brown more than orange, bar the second shade across:


Well, this is a truly wearable orange and I do recommend this – I am not knocked out by the shadows, I am not overwhelmed by the pigmentation, but I do concede that the finished result is a soft, pretty orange that can be worn by lots of skintones:


When I swatched the Moist Melting Rouge lipstick I loved the soft texture – it is VERY soft, you you can’t swivel it up too far and expect it to live….

Think of YSL Rouge Volupte or thereabouts in terms of creaminess.

Once again this is supposed to be an orange. But I dunno…I sense a coral, I sense a brown tinge:


There is a faint shimmer in the lipstick. HOWEVER – as beautiful as it is swatched, it clung like a mutha to by dry bits. I had to wipe it off and start again a few times in order to get a semi smooth, not crusty effect.

Colour is quite nice – once again not a bold orange, a wearable soft brown-orange instead.

Here it is:


Overall, an ok lipstick, but the texture doesn’t match how it actually looks on this lips. Lavshuca lipsticks in general, are a disappointment (although the Dramatical Rouge is ok) in comparison to MAQUIllage and Lunasol ones (although they are more expensive…)


Once again I am disappointed with Lavshuca. I am not bowled over by the lipstick and how it looks on remotely dry lips and the eyeshadow is pretty basic.

However if you like the soft, natural effect this may appeal to you. I hope Lavshuca get better I really do because visually it appeals a lot.

Here are some of the other Lavshuca Eyeshadows I have reviewed, here and here.

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  1. jaff says

    Love the lipstick! I’ve completely given up trying to find a nude for my skintone (i’m an NC40 so your nudes are too light for me!) so i’m going after oranges and peaches instead. Shame about the texture though, i have stupid dry lips.

  2. says

    that’s too bad. thanks for the review; I’ll know to avoid it.
    I guess I’ll just go search for that Ettusais limited edition lipstick instead. I want a cheap Japanese lippie that is easy to use and has decent lasting power.