OPI. Sterotypes. Nail Polish. Bootleg.

So I am currently in a ranty mood and browsing Look Fantastic for some…erm…essential items.

So the OPI Hong Kong collection caught my eye. Hong Kong! Amazing City! Then I was looking at the names….


Gah. I’ll ignore the fact the collection looks like a mish mash of random colours that don’t remind me of Hong Kong (Vibrant, not Garish) but actually, I was just thinking how some of the names are naff.

Its the usual boring cringy sterotypical rubbish, a bit like when when a Soap introduces a Chinese character and the best they can offer is someone who sells bootleg DVDs and talks about “family honour” every ten minutes.

Hot & Spicy. Dim Sum Plum. Suzi (of course its Suzi) Says Feng Shui. Red My Fortune Cookie.

You wouldn’t have a collection called India and call it, Popadom Purple or Chicken Tikka Teal would you? No, because its stupid!


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  1. says

    I agree about the colors being a mish-mash it feels like they made a bunch of random new shades then said lets name them whatever we want! Also, I think the food naming thing is becoming a habit. During the India collection they had Black Cherry Chutney and Curry Up Don’t Be Late, and I think that for the Spain collection they had a color named after Tapas :(

  2. says

    I have to say that I’ve never been terribly amused by OPI polish names. It’s one reason I don’t buy them. The other reason I don’t buy them is that they’re 2100 yen in Tokyo – at that price I might as well buy Japanese polish that I can’t get abroad.

  3. says

    Chicken tikka teal…lmao…

    The whole collection was a bit off to me as well (the colors and that boat display looks like it’s from the 70s)but anyway, I kind of like jade is the new black though, as it’s pretty close to color when it comes to expensive jade worn by aunties (see lai) from HK…

  4. says

    I’m really disappointed with the collection, I’d purchase maybe one or two colours max, but I fail to see how most of the colours are linked to Hong Kong…

  5. says

    i 100% agree! i suspect it might have to do with releasing your 128598th color as a company, have you seen crayola color names recently?

  6. kiwikeely says

    I cant agree more. Most of the colors are confusing me and I hated the names. Meet me on the star ferry?! Pearl of Wisdom?! Bling Dynasty?! seriously, WT*!?
    OPI is a great nail polish brand. But I sometimes think that they seriously need to either get a better naming department or just not use names at all (which would then be a shame to the good names.) On that matter, i think china glaze is doing a 1000000000000X better job than OPI.