Oooh Aahhh Beauty Discovery

I’ve made a rather cool beauty disovery, that’s making me so excited its giving my judders.

However you will have to wait a little bit for me to share as I want to check it out properly and do a proper review/guide (for once.)

Stay tuned! its truly beauty-tastic!

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  1. oooh rowena! you cant say something like that and leave us all guessing!! when will it be safe to spill the beans??!!

  2. For some reason I can never write in your comment box! The darned thing won’t let me post. I hope it fixed now…

  3. I hope this comment goes through…

  4. YES! It finally did ! I swear I wasn’t able to comment before for the longest time, now it finally works yay.

    Can’t wait for you to unveil the beauty discovery, dun dun dun…

  5. Can’t wait to hear about this!

  6. Hey Zereen….ok, now I’m worried I built it too much. It made ME excited so hopefully other people will find it exciting too :) Clues….hmmm ok, well its not a European thing!

  7. Audrie!!!!

    Sorry about your commenting woes! I will keep and eye out for them in the future :) Dun dun dun I hope it is actually a discovery and not something everyone else but I knew bout!

  8. Mandy Pandy

    Its a super ginger merkin! That doubles as a cosmetic sponge….