Only with apple: Cinnamon Slippers from Natur Boutique Review

It’s not the first time I’ve tried something then thought…well, where do we go from here?!

This time I’m talking about cinnamon slippers. They’re slippers…laced with…cinnamon. Why cinnamon?

These slippers are made from top quality Vietnamese cinnamon, which contains the highest amount of essential oils of any cinnamon species. Cinnamon’s health benefits are well documented and include improving energy levels, and having anti-bacterial1 and anti-septic effects helping keep your feet hygienic, relaxed and energized in the summer heat.


Apparently these slippers were trialled in a hospital in Vietnam and patients felt that they helped with some conditions, such as foot odour, cold feet, dry skin and fatigue.

Well, personally I do love cinnamon although I have to say the cats weren’t too impressed by it.

I noticed that it left my feet smelling fresh (well of cinnamon) and gave my feet a nice massage because the base of the slipper is rattan and therefore is quite stimulating.

It reminds me those slippers Scholl used to do (or maybe they still do) that had loads of pokey bits and they’d hurt quite a bit but you’d stand in them for say 10 minutes and when your feet were back on the floor you’d feel like they were floating.

But I digress.

Foot chart:


I can’t say I experienced any major medical improvements but I did quite like these slippers as the cats won’t be chewing them up any time soon and I like hard fuctional slippers – makes me feel like I’m in Asia.

These are £11.95 and you can buy them here (for male or female and in different sizes).

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  1. Jen says

    I love all things cinnamon! I knew cinnamon had health benefits, but didn’t know about it helping with foot odour! Well, you learn a new thing every day 😀