Old Skool Beauty: Max Factor Creme Puff Foundation Review

What make up items remind you of childhood? There’s a few things that stick in my mind, things that I found from rummaging in my aunt or mother’s make up bags.

1. A YSL Lipstick in a bright red (smelt good)

2. A Mary Quant Blusher in a bright Fuchsia (The case was shiny black and had the little flower logo all over)

3. Lots of things from Boots No. 7

4. Max Factor Creme Puff!

For some bizarre reason that I can’t even explain to my psychiatrist, I bought of Creme Puff Foundation to try:

max factor creme puff deep beige.jpg

I was feeling nostalgic. Let me feel nostalgic, god dammit.

The powder comes in a blue round case and has a non-clicky lid, which makes me nervous.

I got Deep Beige in 42, which is great for my NC35 complexion.

creme puff max factor powder.jpg

They Say:

Creme Puff is a high coverage powder make-up that can be used over moisturiser, foundation or as an all-in-one makeup. It contains millions of tiny light reflectors that give off a special glow.

I distinctly remember using my aunts sponge and digging it into the powder and slapping it all over my face. Gorgeous!

This powder I think, is actually very creamy and soft. Medium coverage.

creme puff max factor.jpg

I can totally see why this stuff was a hit – I mean the quality is pretty good.

There’s also that very distinctive smell going on – light perfume. Its all part and parcel of this product even though I personally am not a fan of scented powders.

The finish is matte and quite silky. Without a doubt, you need a light hand otherwise its chalky city…with my current dry skin, I used this with much caution as it sticks to the flaky bits.

The ingredients are pretty old school. The first ingredient is Talc! Not great I know, but I didn’t think it had a very chalky finish although I would personally avoid a Talc powder for daily use:

deep beige max factor creme puff.jpg

The powder on me:

max factor creme puff foundation base.jpg


I bought this for a play only to be honest, and I have had that. I may use this for a retro make over at some point, but its not an item I would use in real day to day life – I have to many good products to use up first.

I’d recommend this if you want a creamy powder, medium coverage at a decent (underĀ£5) price. Its really not bad.

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  1. says

    I have this powder in a lighter shade and curse it to Hell! I never take it out of my drawer anymore as it brakes me out horribly! And I never use it daily…just occasionally for a day. It was a waste of money >.<

  2. diskogal says

    Hehehe, I actually love this. I have it in translucent and I’ve been using it for some time now…can you believe that I’ve almost finished it?! I obviously don’t have as many foundations as you do, but I still own a few and this is one of my favourites! I looove the oldschool smell and I love the fact that it’s all in one and easy to use and well, I think it looks quite natural on me. I’ll definitely buy it again :)